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OSCARS via INSTAGRAM - March 1st to 3rd

Saying that I was excited to be involved with the Oscars is an understatement. It was a great night for me, my Zac Posen gowns and my girl Lupita. Who tuned in to watch me talk red carpet fashion on CNN? 

  1. Guess who’s going to the Oscars!?! Now the big question is: Which Zac Posen gown do I wear?! 1, 2 or 3?
  2. Making an unexpected pit stop in Las Vegas on our way to LA. Apparently the winds were so strong we didn’t have enough fuel to make it! #OscarsOrBust
  3. So this was my life for 24 hours. I completed my CNN crash course!
  4. This is really interesting - every dress worn by the Best Actress Academy Award winner since 1929.
  5. Piers Morgan and I are ready for prom!
  6. My epic view of the Oscar red carpet from the CNN booth! Thank you to Zac Posen for my wonderful gown and Love Gold for the gorgeous Azva Jewelry!
  7. Up close and personal with my beautiful Love Gold Azva Jewlery - making me feel very old Hollywood.
  8. This is how Zac Posen and I watch the Oscars. We love you Lupita!!
  9. Change of clothes before I go back on CNN to talk about my Oscar favorites. Another Zac Posen gown with Love Gold Azva Jewelry.