Dark Fate: Azusa Ecstasy 08 Translation

Okay, here we go. Let me know if you want a Spanish version! Thanks to @pinkcaseotakadl for the video and the screenshots <33 Sorry for the mistakes. Enjoy~

Ecstasy 7

Yui: … … … … 


Ruki: You won’t be able to find happiness if you two stay together.

-Flashback ends-

Yui: … …I wonder if that’s true.

(I’ve been thinking about it since Ruki-kun said so… …)

(However I found out that my happiness has nothing to do with Eve and Adam)

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the diabolik lovers boys as roommates

ayato: actually an okay roommate? he talks about himself a lot, but he has no friends so you feel kind of bad for him. if you can handle his narcissism then he’ll be a good friend and roommate. if not, well, he always brings back takoyaki leftovers. 7/10

laito: cool roommate who always invites you out. he always has someone over. be prepared to walk in on him and his partner every time you return home. 5/10

kanato: prepare for your kitchen to become a candy/pastry vault. you haven’t seen a vegetable in weeks. if he feels like taking an outing with you he makes you go to build a bear and buy him a toy. doesn’t like it when you leave him alone so you two end up spending all your time together. 5/10

shuu: the chillest roommate ever. perhaps a little too chill. he once flooded the bathroom because he fell asleep and forgot to turn the tub off. for all his faults you can’t really get mad at him because he does not give a shit about anything you do in the apartment. 8/10

reiji: the most anal roommate ever. he won’t let you leave the house until you’ve made your bed. set a curfew. will lock you out if you break curfew. on the plus side he does all the chores and cooks really well. 3/10

subaru: you’ve seen subaru maybe twice the entire time you’ve lived together. he’s always hiding in his room and gets flustered when you want to talk to him about anything. he doesn’t know his own strength and he gets angry too easily, so you’ve had to explain to your landlord why your walls have multiple holes in them. on the bright side he always pays for repairs 6/10

ruki: the roommate who always seems to be in a sour mood and pissed at you even if he’s not. despite this, he’s quiet and organized and overall a good roommate. do not bring people over, though, he hates having strangers invade his space and will stand there glaring at your guests until they leave. 7/10

kou: your house is literally littered with candies and fan letters that his fans send. he makes you reply to all his fanmail. he’ll help out if asked, but last time you asked he made you hold three different lights to his face for two hours so he could take the perfect selfie, so you don’t ask anymore. 3/10

azusa: the sweetest roommate ever, except for his knife collection. he locks himself out a lot though and never carries his phone so you often come home to find him huddled in front of the door. a good roommate to cuddle and drink hot chocolate with. 10/10

yuma: a messy boy. leaves his clothes everywhere and expects you to do his laundry. it gets to the point where you end up doing it just so he won’t wear whatever’s on the floor closest to him. he turned your place into an indoor garden and when he’s away will leave sticky notes on exactly how to take care of the plants. on the plus side, he’s a good cook and will complement you often, especially if you take good care of the plants. 7/10

carla: much like ruki, carla always seems to be angry at you. the difference between him and ruki is that he actually is angry at you. why? no reason. the only good things about having him as a roommate is that he pays his rent and is pretty quiet. 1/10

shin: brings dogs home that he finds on the street and now your apartment is infested with fleas. has a tail that he chains to his belt loop? you once asked him where the furry convention was and he threw your mattress out the window. 3/10

kino: always on his phone. forgets to pay the electric bill. drinks juice right outta the carton. makes you make a hundred new accounts on different mobile games so you can gift him items. kino isn’t the worst roommate on this list per se, but he’s really pushing it. 2/10


yui: literally best roommate. plugs your phone in at night when you fall asleep. makes you breakfast and impromptu lunches for when you’re going out. if you’re rooming with her after rooming with one of the boys, you cry because she’s such a blessing. 20/10 best roommate

karlheinz: fucked your girlfriend on your bed and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. 0/10 worst roommate


10/28/ Azusa Mukami’s Birthday! 
Happy Birthday to my son! 

rageful666potato  asked:

guys who's the most ticklish out of all of you *cough* just so i know who to torture *cough*

… I didn’t expect to write it this way… (;^◇^;)ゝ



They’re both staring at Kanato mischievously

♥Kanato: …What are you looking at?

♥Laito: Hold him, Ayato-kun!~


Kanato starts convulsing in Ayato’s arms the moment Laito starts tickling him

♥Ayato: Heh, you are a cheeky kid after all!

♥Laito: Come on, Kanato-kun! Laugh for your little brother Laito-kun~


♥Ayato: Hey, Laito! When was the last time we did this?!

♥Laito: Last time was so long ago… Nfu~ It makes me feel nostalgic~

♥Kanato: -on the verge of tears- …Stop, stooop, I can b-AHAHAAH! i can’t breathe…!

Meanwhile, the Mukami brothers…

♥Kou: Nee, Yuma, I remember you once told us you were kinda ticklish…

♥Azusa: Yes… I remember too. You were half asleep…

♥Yuma: …So? Why do you brought this up so suddenly?


♥Yuma: Argh!… Wha- hah! S,stop! Kou you…! HAHAH! I’m gonna kill ya if– Ugh!

♥Kou: Haha I knew it! The tough guy is pretty sensitive~!

♥Azusa: Heh… You enjoy this after all…

♥Yuma: Azusa don’t just stay there watching! HAAH! K,Kou for fuck sake-!! Heh-! STOP IT!

Yuma started to throw random punches in the air, hitting a vase and sending it flying. A loud, cracking sound could be heard in the room.

♥Ruki, yelling from afar: Guys, what exactly was that sound?!



♥Azusa: …You should have punched me instead, Yuma-kun.