I got tagged by: azurexangel

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  • Cheese, Bacon, or Pizza?

         definitely pizza.

  • Traditional or Modern Art?

         Modern art.

  • If you could bring one person back from the dead who would it be?


  • If you could have anyone in the world to be with you forever who would it be?

         Either Pewdiepie or Dave Franco

  • Do you read or write?

        I enjoy reading, not much of writer though.

  • Are you a shy person?

        Around friends or family, no. Around strangers, yes.

  • Would you like to play video games with me?

        YESSSSSS <3

  • Are you a fan of electric fans?

         yes I am their #1 fan

         I am the president of the fans of electric fans fan club

  • Athletic or Lazy? Or Athletically Lazy?

         Mostly lazy but not worthy of being called athletically lazy

  • Can you sing?

          I guess, sort of

I don’t have much more people to tag or that good of questions so I’ll skip it this time :3