Inigo in the Japanese, Revisited!

So, after a bit more searching, I decided that I’m not satisfied with my Inigo post.


Well, turns out… the change is all in his VOICE ACTING! Oh. Well, I feel silly. Guess I should have been playing my games with headphones instead of just turning down the volume in public.

He sounds like the fool always failing with the ladies for comedic effect in the Japanese, but his English voice actually sounds smooth and attractive.

This isn’t really something I need to write about, since the differences are obvious to most anyone who can hear. Check out the differences in his voice acting for yourself if you wish. Coping and pasting ファイアーエムブレム アズール into YouTube search and clicking on anything that looks like one of his support conversations should be easy enough. 支援会話 is support conversation.

…But if you ignore the voice acting, like I mostly have, his character is pretty much intact.

If you want the short version, this is about as far as you need to go.

However, since I love to be thorough, here’s a breakdown of the changes in his supports…

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laslow + having a crush hc’s

ask: anon: “Headcanons for Laslow on how he would try to get his crush’s attention?? ty~”

a/n: laslow,,, my Best Boy,,, i cri i love him so much, aAA

  • laslow would be super flirty towards them… like, he’d dial it up to an eleven. he’d stop flirting so much with other girls too. 
  • he’d try to be around him as much as he can. laslow would even skip training at times to talk to them, (xander is NOT happy). selena would tease him mercilessly about it, because he looks like a loyal golden retriever always following at their heels.
  • he would bring them flowers, or small little trinkets that reminded him of them. of course, it would come with a long speech about how beautiful they are. 
       + gets really embarrassed if they thank him. will lose coherency if they kiss him on the cheek for a thank you. he’ll need to take a break to calm himself down.

Bug of the Day

A sweet little azure butterfly (probably Lucia azure, Celastrina lucia, based on time of year and the host plants that were around) that plopped down right in front of me on the trail yesterday. Was even nice enough to stick around while I angled a few shots :-). You might want to google “Lucia azure” just so you can see the amazing blue of the upper side of the wings that gives these butterflies their name.