azuras star

I love the idea of the Nerevarine being despised, hated among their people, the people they were supposed to save. They killed at least one member of the tribunal, and indirectly caused the eruption of Red Mountain. It seems the dunmer have a hard time seeing past what’s put in front of them, and on the surface they see the Godkiller, the outsider that didn’t understand their culture. After they realize that they need to go back to the old ways, they begin worshiping the daedra instead of the Almsivi, but they also hold Nerevar, not the Nerevarine, in high reverence. They see the Nerevarine as the new Almsivi, a new living god. But they are distrustful of mortals turned gods after seeing all the trouble that can happen when you worship one of your own.

Ever wonder why they say Nerevar guide me instead of Nerevarine guide me?

Got another 20 orbs, “so let’s not summon Azura today,” I say hoping my reverse psychology works. And literally my first summon is

The only downside, as usual, like with Elincia…

Is that she’s -Spd (+Res tho). That doesn’t really affect her ability as a dancer (*ahem* singer is what I meant) tho, so that’s good, but she’s more likely to be doubled if attacked. I guess if I give her fury that could make up for it a little. Too bad I’m currently all out of fury 3′s.

She reset my pity rating, but I think I’ll keep trying from the performing arts banner until it’s over (once I get another 20 orbs). If I’m lucky, it might turn out like the time I summoned 2 bridal Caeda’s during the bridal banner (one of which was +Spd). Or I could get Olivia, that’d be great too!