I posted these compilations as postcard before, I never expected it’s actually quite good as individuals! 8’D <<why do you compliment yourself

I’m going to sell this as postcard in Comifuro next September 2014, grab one of them (or all of them) if you are interested! XD

  • me:*kicks down your door*
  • me:Asahi and Nishinoya have an incredible relationship. Their friendship is built on a strong sense of mutual respect and trust, and they're obviously very important to each other. Asahi thinks very highly of Nishinoya and always listens to what he has to say, whether it's silly or serious; he also feels more confident with Nishinoya around, and Nishinoya motivates him to do better. Nishinoya cares /so much/ about Asahi. Nishinoya is critical of Asahi to the point of helping him improve his skills, but never so critical so as to discourage him. He is Asahi's biggest/loudest supporter (as he's shown cheering on/praising Asahi on numerous occasions), and he really appreciates Asahi for who he is. Whether you interpret their relationship as platonic or romantic, it's really just a great dynamic to think about.
  • me:*putting back your door* talk to me about AsaNoya

Asanoya bartender/regular AU! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Asahi only shows up on weeknights so he can get Noya’s full attention and avoid crowds
  • Neither one will ask the other out because they both think it’d be rude while Noya’s working
  • Asahi’s usual is pink and exceptionally fruity
  • now there’s a part 2!