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Little thing.

Send “little thing” and my character will tell you something as a child.

             The typical scenes of children running before a parades’ path was too common a theaters’ occurrence, but it certainly happened, and happened it did between him and the princess of the Fire Nation. Perhaps his family was too terrified by her to reach out for him and pull him back. But either way, he stood there frozen, with her on the pedestal glaring down at him.

             ”You’re pretty,” he suddenly blurted despite her aura of doom, which suddenly silenced the whole street. And that was it. He didn’t know what else to say because stories always told him of pretty and just princesses, while this one was just plain intimidating unlike anything he has ever heard of. But he just wanted to compliment a princess in his young life, and it seems like he has done something wrong, if the loud silence around him is to be of any judgement.

            The harsh, whispering voice of his mother sounded in his ear, and he quickly ran off, terrified. 

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Name: Princess Azula of the Fire Nation
Age: 18 (coughs pretend it's way post-series they know each other)
Height: "I'm sorry, I don't understand why it would matter."
Location: "The Fire Nation.  Obviously."
Interests: "Mm...bending, traveling, and of course you know I'm an excellent people person."
Why do you want to be my valentine: "I don't.  But you reblogged it, and I'm bored to tears."

     "Now, now, princess, careful or you’ll have me convinced that you don't entirely despise me. We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?“

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*cough* insert any URLs of Cammy's u have nice things to say about~*~*

send me a tumblr user's url and I'll tell you what I think of them

UR SO SNEAKY. Oh, good lord, now I’m going to have to list all of them because I love, literally, all of them. Whelp, I know we RPed lightly before this account, but really, we started hardcore with Hans and Elsa and have I mentioned how glad I am I came after you for that? I’ve only admired you forever and so I was really excited in the first place and then HANZULA OKAY. When you mentioned that ship, I couldn’t stop thinking about it until you finally reopened your Azula which made me SO HAPPY BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO PRESSURE YOU INTO IT BUT YOU DID IT ANYWAY. Your writing flows so beautifully and our threads are just… I don’t even have words. Not to mention the fact that you’re perfect at every one of the thousand muses you play and it’s really frustrating sometimes because… Let’s see. Mulan. Jane. Nakoma. Is that it? I don’t know. You’re able to keep up with a bunch with your perfection and I don’t even know how how you do it. I’m keeping you as a partner forever, okay? <3

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Father, why is Mother the fire lord if she's a girl?

Child Meme: Ask me anything as my child. Go to my ask box and rip out my heart in any and every way possible. I dare you.

     ”For your own good, child, I’d suggest you don’t let your mother hear that. It would… displease her.

          “Your mother is Firelord because she is the strongest bender in the Fire Nation, both in body and mind. Your mother is Firelord because she knew what she wanted and she took it for herself.

     ”Your mother is Firelord because nobody is her equal and you would do well to remember that and respect her for it. Now, come, it’s time for your lessons.”

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[[One of the reasons I love your Hans is that there aren't necessarily many vestiges of movie!Hans in him? Which I'll admit seemed strange to me /at first glance/ until I realized, duh there ARE, but they're from the end of the movie, when we see the real Hans. The reason you're so amazing as Hans IS that you play him for who he really is, unapologetically, none of this romanticized BS (as falsely charming as it was, and you def have "falsely charming" down to a science too<3)

; anonymous or not, send me an honest opinion on my writing / character

Cammy, you’re my spirit animal. Thank you. The way I see it, the Hans we saw for most of the movie wasn’t actually HIM, so that’s where I’m coming from, but clearly you get that so why am I even saying it!? You’re perfect and this message is perfect and thank you, bby. <3 (P.S. I’m working on Mulan’s reply right now.)

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♪ ❄

questions about your character.

 - Are they musically inclined?


❄ -  Favorite season and why?

Summer. Hans favors the sun and the heat. The Southern Isles has rather mild winters with pleasant, temperate summers. Summer lends itself far better to riding and other such activities that the prince enjoys, as well as allowing him to dress in less restrictive clothing, with the exception of formal events.

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What do you think of me?

For the next hour my Muse can not tell a lie.

     ”I’m curious you feel the need to ask, Princess Azula. Perhaps you care more for my opinion than you prefer to let on, hmm?

          You and I share many of the same… values, shall we say. It is a rare occasion upon which I find myself respecting another person. But I admit, Princess, that I admire you. You are unquestionably one of the most formidable potential adversaries that I have crossed and it pleases me that we don’t seem to be headed down that road.

     Let’s just say I do hope we have a bright future ahead of us.“