Alright Avatar fandom, I have a question for you guys. So many of you are Zutara shippers, and although I personally prefer Kataang, I can see the appeal. I think part of the reason I don’t really ship Zutara is because I really wanted Aang to get the girl at the end of the war, which raises my question: if you ship Zutara, then who would you have wanted Aang to end up with, if anyone? I know a lot of people say Taang, but I’m curious :)

Azulaang Recommendation Master Post

“Honey, come and be my enemy so I can love you true.”
- The Stooges, “Death Trip”

Alright, so, there’s not many dedicated Azulaang fics out there. The reasons for this are pretty manifest: Azula, by the end, is crazy and locked up, Aang is already with someone, and they don’t have much of a history interacting prior to the series’ finale. It’s also something of a crack ship considering their disparate personalities from one another. But that’s a reason I think Azulaang is so fun. So this is for the handful of other Azulaang supporters here on Tumblr: a fan fic list of the cream of the crop. Maybe you’ll even start liking it yourself if you didn’t beforehand. But wear your support of this pairing proudly! Remember: there are dozens of us. Dozens.

Mature content in works will be noted.

kingmukatan (Ozai looks so pleased, what the hell)

The List

Little Things by RadiantBeam

Mousecat by Heligoland

Hasbeen by lowcarbtortilla

50 Sentences Azula & Aang by whirleeq (some mature content)

Object Lesson by Second Harrier (sadly unfinished, and rather unsure that it was going to end up with an Azulaang pairing, but SH’s characterization of Azula is amazing; unfortunately, Toph swearing like a sailor might be off putting to some)

Selfless Heart by Passionworks

Avatar: The Kidnapper by Dominic Arcos (weirdly misleading title; suggestive content)

Emote by intheinkpot (Azulaang is really only found in “Dangerous” and “Celebration,” so this is kind of cheating as it features Tyzula more; still, intheinkpot’s a great writer so check it out)

Green Sleeves by cupid-painted-blind (warning: mature content)

Children Of A Broken World by Nuclear Snake

Pride and Power by Flit-Flibbertigibbet

Of Gods and Men by sablefalls (warning: mature content)

He’s Only A Child by sablefalls (a sequel to “Of Gods and Men”)

pretty little broken things by itsallanoxymoron (warning: torture)

A Road Not Taken by sablefalls

Tainted by Magery

Three Families by James Golen

The Sapphire Flame by TintedS

The Best In Us All by Minion of Set (sadly abandoned, based on the author’s notes to another story, as MoS is pursuing being a professional author)

An Affair to Remember by sablefalls (warning: mature content)

Kaleidoscopes by Everlane (warning: mature content; will have a sequel soon entitled “Solstice”)

A Double Edged Sword by sablefalls (warning: mature content)

Did I miss a story you were fond of? Find something that’s not on Feel free to add onto the list.

makaveli-the-avatar  asked:

I know it would probably never happen in 100 lifetimes, but I've always thought Azulaang had the potential to be an interesting relationship.

It certainly would test Aang’s resolve on forgiveness!

Azula is the only person we can actually say killed Aang. Zuko wanted to hunt him down. Zhao would keep him barely alive. Long Feng wanted to control him. Ozai tried to take him out.

But Azula…Azula actually succeeded in striking a fatal blow, and if it weren’t for Katara, Aang would have gone from “mostly dead” to “all dead.” We can see how this experience changed who Aang was between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. He was serious, spiritually wounded, and angry. He rejected his friends’ efforts to help him. He would have gone off on his own completely if it weren’t for the intervention of Avatar Roku. I’m not sure if Aang would be able to fall in love with someone who scarred him both figuratively and literally.

However, watching Aang and Azula spend time together and further develop their belief systems through conflict would be fascinating. I would argue that Azula and Aang both have the same problem: they are too rigid in their beliefs, too apt to take their wisdom from only their home culture, which they hold up as the pinnacle of all good things and believe that any deviation from that would compromise their identities. I think that by interacting more outside of fight scenes, they could really help each other evolve on their current outlooks on life.

However, the huge caveat with Azulaang is that Azula likes and needs to control people around her—one of the worst signs in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. Aang, on the other hand, needs a lot of love and affection in his relationships, and Azula tries her best to show that she doesn’t even love her brother. Azula would need to go through one hell of a redemption arc to even think about being romantically involved with anyone. But, as we’ve seen with Avatar before, nothing is impossible.

All Of It (An Azulaang fic)

Azula never thought herself able to enjoy something as silly as a picnic in a sunny field. She lay back, placing her hands beneath her head. The grass was soft under her toes, the sun warmly kissing her exposed skin. She lifted her left hand to shield her eyes from its brightness.  

But then again Aang bought to surface, many things she didn’t know she’d like. The airbender himself was one of those things. She turned over onto her side to find herself staring into the boy’s wide eyes.  He waved, shooting her one of those goofy lopsided smiles.                                              

“Fruit pie?” Aang offered.

Azula considered. “Not hungry.”

“But this is a picnic.” Aang sat up.

“Maybe for you. For me it’s spending quality time outside.”

“Oh just eat some of the pie! I made it just for you.”

“Are you even a good chef?”

Aang pushed the pie closer to her. “I guess we’ll find out.

Azula rolled her eyes, “fine.” She sat up. “But if this thing kills me, I assure you that I’ll be the most difficult spirit you’ll ever have to deal with.”

Aang laughed. “Good thing I’m an excellent cook!”

That was just another little something that she liked about Aang; he didn’t take her jokes as genuine death threats. He knew when to take her seriously and when to laugh. He was the only one who saw the good in her and the only one who saw the good in her bending. The only one who looked at her blue flames without cringing. He always did seem to see the best in her even when she was truly at her worst.

He helped to bring her out of her darkest moment. He was a patient boy; he’d listened to what everyone else called her “psychotic ramblings” and her nasty, probably racist (she couldn’t quite remember) comments.  And he used her words to put the pieces together…to help her.  That’s how she ended up in this field—she must have said something that indicated wanting to travel, perhaps she simply said she wanted to get away from it all. Whatever she had said, she no sooner found herself once again on the back of the bison. This time her destination took her out of the Fire Nation and into the Earth Kingdom.

He’d taken her to many places from the Cave of the Two Lovers (much too sappy for her liking, but Aang enjoyed it) to the River Village and the ruins of Gaipan to where they currently resided; the outskirts of the Farming Village.

He told her that he needed to get away too. That his duty as the Avatar had driven he and Katara apart and he just wasn’t feeling like himself. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for him to go with her; the happy-go-lucky Avatar that defeated her father could never care for someone like her.

Pushing the thought out of her mind, Azula twirled a blade of grass between her fingers as she tried to determine the flavor of Aang’s fruit pie.  She detected apples, cherries, and perhaps mangos. There was definitely something else in there too.

“Well, what do you think?” Aang asked.

“It has a very” Azula paused, searching for the right word, “unique flavor.”

“So you like it then?”

“I suppose I do.” She dropped the blade of grass, watching it flitter down to the picnic blanket.

Apparently watching the grass fall struck a sort of inspiration in the avatar. He plucked a panda lily from the ground and tucked it behind Azula’s ear. She speculated that she’d be wearing a crown of them by sunset.

The avatar shot her another cheerful smile, so she kept the flower where he had placed it even though its white petals clashed with the rest of her attire.

“You look cute.” He pointed out.

“Not usually the look I go for Avatar.” Azula gave him a dismissive hand wave.  She picked up glass of watermelon juice.  She hadn’t really drank the stuff since her last trip to Ember Island.

Aang gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, “if you say so.”

Azula smiled briefly. The Avatar’s hand brushed over hers. “You okay?” He asked.

“Why would you think that I’m not?”

“Well for starts, you’re not insulting me as much today.”

“Ha. Ha.” Azula rolled her eyes.

“Something on your mind?”

“Something is always on my mind, Avatar.” Azula looked down at her wrists, rough and scarred from the chains that had been wrapped around them. She watched Aang run his thumb gently up and down over the scar. He didn’t seem to find it as ugly as she did.

He was, after all, the one who always tugged her arm warmers off, rolled her sleeves up, or did whatever he could to uncover the scars.

“They look fine.” He’d always insist.

Wrists…what an odd thing to feel insecure about.

“What’s on your mind this time?” He asked.

Azula found a cloud and fixed her eyes on it. She let a good few minutes pass before speaking. That’s how he always got her to talk; ask a question and say nothing until she felt pressured to fill the silence. “Would you still have…helped me if you hadn’t lost Katara.”

“I’d still love you, but in a different way.” He always seemed to catch her underlying meaning. It was annoying and sweet all at once. “And of course I would have helped you.  I helped Zuko didn’t I?”

“Yes but Zuko is different. Everyone always seemed to see some good in him. Everyone always felt bad for him. I’ve always just been—” She cut herself short. She’d been trying to stay away from the word monster, or anything that could fill in its place.

Aang thought for a minute “It’s because you’re always so strong. You never really let people see that you were hurting so they just…”

“Assumed the worst.” Azula cut in.

“Well. I guess. Sort of. But I think they’re—Zuko and Ty-Lee especially—at home waiting, expecting you to come back changed. But I don’t think you’ve really changed, I think you’ve always been like this…”

Azula cut him off again, “like what?”

“Nice, fun to be around, caring. I just think that you didn’t like to show it.”

She pulled the Avatar closer to her, hugging rather tightly. It was something she found that she’d do often when she felt upset, frightened, or generally distraught. She finally had something…someone to hold. “Perhaps, Avatar.”

“You can just call me Aang, you know.”

“Avatar.” She repeated.

“Okay, Avatar is good too.” He looked up at her, pleased to see that her mood had brightened again. He always loved her smile—even when he was with Katara. At the time she would always frown or scowl and when she did smile it was usually full of viciousness. So when she did smile a genuine, happy smile it was one of the most wonderful things he’d seen.

One of those things he’d never get sick of. The way her lips tugged gently upward, the way her smile didn’t just stop at her lips but reached her golden eyes.

She was such an expressive person when she wasn’t burring herself beneath a mask of some kind.

He felt her hand press harder into his back and her head nuzzle on his shoulder.

“Thank you Avatar.” She whispered, pressing her lips to his hear. “This really does mean a lot to me. The trip, the picnic, the talks, all of it.” She went quite for a heartbeat. “Maybe it’s true, maybe I didn’t really want the throne. Maybe I just wanted to be happy.” She paused again. “And you make me happy Aang.”

I have to confess...

I’m sorry you may think me crazy for this but I just really, really,  REALLY ship Aang and Azula together. Why? 

   - “The Avatar is mine!” I mean come on, she was always after him
   - Her father made it clear that it was her duty to capture the avatar, he never was specific under what terms
   - He’s carefree and fun, she’s calculating and always set on her goals
   - Being the Avatar, Aang stands for balance and harmony. Azula could use some of that in her life. 
   - They’re both determined 
   - Aang is kind and genuinely sweet, Azula is cold and manipulative
   - He gave her purpose
   - Aang was the only guy that was never afraid of or intimidated by her
   - Sure he drove Azula to insanity, she lost everything she had because of him, but Aang would do anything to make it up to her.
   - He let her keep her bending because she just about lost everything else, right down to her sanity.
   - No one but Aang would be able to tame her. Seriously, think about it
Together they would be the absolute most powerful couple EVER.
   - Opposites attract, proven fact
   - Air makes fire burn brighter
   - Among many other reasons because I’ve thought about this pairing a lot.

Please don’t kill me for shipping them. I’m just a madman on a crack ship, okay. 

Azulaang Week: Day 5: Dancing

Azulaang Week

Day 5


She huffed in frustration. Her fingers were still a bit numb from the cold outside. She decided to just wear her hair down. She was able to gather a bit from the top to keep her crown in place.

“I’m ready.” Azula stepped out into her parlor room where the Avatar waited.

Aang smiled and held his arm out to her, “You look beautiful.”

Azula only nodded as he led her down the intricate hallways.

She involuntarily squeezed his arm when the servants opened the doors to the dinning room.

Aang patted her hand, “It will be fun. Just stick with me.”

“About time Aang. I’m starving.” Sokka complained from his seat at the table.

“Thank you for escorting my sister, Aang. She forgets that not everyone runs on princess time.” Zuko didn’t look at Aang while he spoke. Instead he held Azula’s gaze.

“My apologies for keeping you and your guests waiting Zuko.” Azula smirked as she took her seat next to Aang. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her.

It was an awkward silence that fell over the group; made even more so when Sokka loudly whispered it into his sister’s ear.

Dinner was a silent affair for Azula while Zuko and his friend chatted. Once in a while Katara would kindly ask a question which Azula only had one word answers for.

Azula almost sighed with relief when Zuko clapped for the servants to clear the table. Her brother stood up and motioned for everyone to follow him.

Aang could tell Azula was confused so he whispered, “Drinks and music are hosted in the ballroom.”

She rolled her eyes, “Of course.”

The music was livelier than Zuko liked but Azula assumed it was to please his friends. A servant handed her a glass of wine. She took a small sip as her eyes examined the room. Everyone was chatting and laughing.

Aang came up behind her and took her drink. “Dance with me.”


He smiled as he took her hand, “Trust me. It will be fun.”

He placed her hand on the small of her back and took the lead. “Don’t act so stiff, Princess. Zuko confessed that you two took years of dance lessons.”

Azula pouted in displeasure, “Zuko needs to learn to keep his mouth shut.”

Aang twirled her around and then brought her closer. His footwork was fancy. He was trying to showoff for the Princess.

Azula smirked and snapped her fingers. She motioned for the band to play a faster tune. The Fire Nation was once famous for it’s various salsa and mambo dances. Although most people no longer danced, the capital was an exception.

Aang was surprised by her sultry moves. He wasn’t familiar with all the footwork but he was a quick learner. Soon they were moving across the whole dance floor with all eyes on them.

“Am I still stiff?” Azula asked teasingly.

Aang brought her face dangerously close to his, “Never.”

@avatar-state-aang idek matt you title it

It was unusually dark tonight. The new moon didn’t offer any light and the city was asleep, given the lateness of the hour. It wasn’t much of a problem for Azula as she made her way through Ba Sing Se with a blue flame flickering in her open hand. She enjoyed the solitude and silence and she wasn’t afraid to be out so late by herself; she could obviously hold her own, not that she sensed any danger…or any stirring at all.


Azulaang ~ Somebody That I Used to Know ~ Pentatonix 

I have made an AMV

“Hmmm. You mean I’m not good enough for you? You’re hurting my feelings.”

Ahhhh, the Azulaang ship. So underappreciated…

Seriously, I could do a photo compilation of how Zutarians would have killed to have moments like Azula and Aang had together. Remember that part in “The Drill” where she slipped on the mud and rammed into him? IF IT WAS ZUKO DOING THAT WITH KATARA WE WOULD HAVE IT PHOTOMANIPPED, META’D, AND INCLUDED IN EVERY SINGLE MUSIC VIDEO IN EXISTENCE.

Ok. @salixj tagged me to list the five ships that I’ll go down with. Not an easy task, but here we go. Don’t expect a 1-5 ranking. Instead, I’m just going to write these down in a sequence that makes sense to me semantically.

: Zucest. Ah, Zuko and Azula. Arguably the hottest, most emotionally loaded, conflicted and dynamic pairing of the whole ATLA universe. The whole spectra of emotions crammed in there, with fireworks on top. They argue, tease and fight like any classic pair of lovers. They even look like a couple. Their chemistry blows cities to smithereens. And they’re siblings. Never gone for that kind of stuff before, but… I have to agree with the divine Grey deLisle:

Zucest is the bestcest.

: Reylo. Rey and Kylo Ren erupted into the SW fandom with a bang last december, and gave cinematic analysis a sudden boom with it. Myself, I already had my suspicions when Disney announced the new leads. Adam Driver. From Girls. Hm. As the Bad Guy. Then Daisy Ridley, classic SW female lead. Oh. Dream pairing. Funnily enough no one noticed, even when DR gave an interview about the intense interrogation/confrontation scene she shot with AD. Going into the cinema, I still knew something was up. Yep. The rest is cinematic history. 

Interesting observation: After the Reylo tag exploded and caused civil war all over the internet, a lot of shippers claimed the parallel of Kylo/Rey and Zuko/Katara. Ostensibly, this refers to the Good Girl Saving the Bad Guy trope.

Huh. Besides that trope being particularly repugnant, these people seem to have missed what’s really going on here. Kylo/Rey play deep psychological power games and engage in passionate life and death combat while the world falls apart. Zutara? Nope.

That’s Zucest, pure and simple. If anything, Kylo/Rey are analogous to Zuko/Azula. Possibly in reversed roles, but still.

And no. FYI I don’t think that Reylo are related. If you thought so, you just missed the point.

: Sokkla. Sokka and Azula are the Great Romantic Couple of ATLA. A classic Love/Romance ship. Romeo & Juliet, but comedy instead of tragedy. This has all the makings of TLAFL: True Love, According to Film and Literature. Two extremely attractive, intelligent, verbal people who just happen to find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict. Read the trope, Bryke. Just go with it and make it canon. They deserve it.

: Azulaang. Stop calling this a crack ship. It actually makes _a lot_ of sense. The magic component here is Aang coming of age and… well, turning into an adult. Forget Katara. Five years later, he won’t want his mother for his girlfriend, trust me. But the Avatar can never really die. Except there was this one girl who… Yep, you’ve got it. A death kink. As for Azula, she wouldn’t turn down the most powerful bender in the world. Trust me on that one too. The Light-Dark polarity here will make both develop. Also, Air and Fire feed each other.

: Jetzula. Ah, I wish. There isn’t enough material out there, but damn, the potential… Dark? Check. Violent? Probably. Deadly? Maybe. Hottest action in the Four Nations? Certainly. Will probably destroy the ATLA Universe as we know it? Absolutely. But when they go down, they’ll go down in flames.