azula is the ruthless and flawlessly constructed princess of my heart now and always

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So I don't know if you are still doing the lady character thing, but if you are; Do you have a lot of Azula/Ty Lee feelings? (Also your Zuko, Azula analysis was wonderful and indeed all your responses in this meme).


They’re perfect opposites temperamentally, but are actually really complementary in that way. They’re both fighters, both have incredibly disarming personalities when facing their opponents, but they accomplish things in very disparate ways. Azula disarms people with fear. She relies on menace. Ty Lee, on the other hand, is so relentlessly enthusiastic and optimistic and that’s how she disarms people. People including Azula. Something about Ty Lee appeals directly to what humanity lies dormant in Azula, somewhere underneath layers and layers of callousness. When Azula upsets Ty Lee with her “you’re a tease, no boys actually care about who you are” comment, she quickly says she didn’t mean it, and there’s no derision in her voice, nothing mocking in her tone. It’s a short-lived moment, but she’s being genuine here, which is not something we often see from Azula.

Basically, “The Beach” was Christmas come early for me. I MEAN:

“Okay, look, if you want a boy to like you just look at him and smile a lot and laugh at everything he says, even if it’s not funny.”

“Well, that sounds really shallow and stupid. LET’S TRY IT.” The way she says this, the genuine enthusiasm in her voice oh, my entire heart. That’s Ty Lee’s enthusiasm she’s latching onto and making her own. It’s the only time you can really call Azula “precious”, but oh, so precious.

So Ty Lee really has this way with Azula that no one else really does, and that’s what makes that moment in “The Boiling Rock” so, well, shocking, for lack of a better word. You kind of expect it of Mai, who never seemed quite as deferential as Azula would’ve liked her to be, but not of Ty Lee. Ty Lee was always a threat physically, given her ability, but Azula trusted her to never turn that ability on her. It’s a hugely emotional betrayal, and Azula skillfully masks how she really feels about it with venom and contempt because she’s Azula, but it cuts. It cuts deep.

SO YEAH, FEELINGS. I have them. Especially re: post-war reconciliatory situations, like in this fic. Because, yeah, personal canon. That happens. IT HAS TO.

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I am so glad you have Azula feelings. I just. I fucking love Azula, and I never talk about her and try not to think too much about her because she makes me SO SAD (hi, I'm a freak, I have freakish reactions to fictional characters, fortunately we are all freaks here, etc) and I am like, experiencing my Azula feelings vicariously through you. It's great!

hi, I’m a freak, I have freakish reactions to fictional characters

Oh, don’t eeeeeeven get me started. I am so thankful I was home alone when I finished the series finale because

That Agni Kai. The music, THE EMOOOOOTION, the everything!!!! I just want. To curl up in a ball. And die. Still! It’s been four days now and I am still like, wailing internally

(probably because I’ve been going back and rewatching it every so often, because I have masochistic tendencies, apparently.)

But yeah. Azula is my forever girl, in the best and MOST PAINFUL way.

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I just wanted to say I loved your thoughts on Azula and the A;TLA/HP comparison. I also thought the Azula/Zuko/Ozai situation resembled Cersei/Jaime/Twyin, except obviously in a more PG way. Like in Azula's descent into paranoia and like Tywin Lannister, Ozai is pretty much an off screen villain for the most part but you learn everything you need to know about him through his children. (btw, what were your ships for Avatar?)

ohoho, well isn’t that fun? anon, i love how your mind works. i can see it, although i think zuko is more of a jaime-tyrion hybrid, really. the tywin-jaime-esque element of “i need you to be the man you were always meant to be” is definitely present in the relationship between ozai and zuko, but zuko’s also a huge embarrassment to his family a la tyrion. they put up with him (sometimes) and sort of try to steer him in the right direction because he is a reflection upon the family name, and the family name is everything if they’re to remain in power, but they just barely take him seriously.

the azula-cersei parallels are pretty striking though! they're the ones in the family with all the drive and all the gumption and ferocity to claw their way to the top, but when they get there they start seeing shadows everywhere, and it’s ultimately their undoing. they both get rid of/drive away all the people around them who are actually reliable, and it is SO HARD TO WATCH.

jfc, concurrent house lannister/fire nation dynasty feelings going on over here. i think - 

i think i need to go lie down for a bit.

(oh, and my ships were, hahaha oh god, speaking of those crazy lannister kids…i may or may not have kind of shipped azula/zuko. mostly i just really enjoyed watching the way they worked with and around each other, but if you know this blog at all, you know how i do. morally questionable ships or gtfo. but my otp of the show was definitely zuko/mai. also azula/mai/ty lee because REASONS. aang/katara and sokka/suki were both sweet but nothing i ever stressed out about too much.)

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azula from a;tla, because you and sarah are making me want to watch for her, so i figure once you tell me why i should love her, i'll actually get off my ass and dl the eps

shanice. SHANICE. you should totally watch a:tla. right now. go. it’s on netflix instant watch if you’re a subscriber?

  • her voice actress, grey delisle, is actually perfect. is there a show from my childhood this woman didn’t voice a character for? not really! she was in EVERYTHING. seriously. check it.
  • SHE IS JUST EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A FICTIONAL CHARACTER OKAY. i love all sorts but i have a particular type that i love the most and azula is it. azula is my type, and this show got my type so, so right - ambitious, attractive (as far as animated fictional characters go?) and she knows it, prodigiously talented, unapologetically ruthless when exercising that talent. buuuuut in spite of all this, not entirely lacking her own brand of humanity either. i want to tell you what i mean by that but SPOILZ~. you’ll just have to find out for yourself, but i promise you it is all very glorious. and painful. and wonderful. in a soul-crushing sort of way.
  • someone on here, i can’t remember who, once called her “littlefinger in heels”, and uh, yes. just yes.
  • 3x05. 3x05!!! that fucking beach episode, man. azula is so endearingly terrible at things “normal” teenagers do. she’s a warrior and she’s royalty, and she knows how to be those things because she is discipline incarnate, but being those things doesn’t leave a lot of room for learning how to just…be a young person? and it’s adorable. and sad. but mostly adorable.
  • her relationship with her brother is one of my favorite things about the whole series. i’ve already talked about that at length though, so i will leave it at that.
  • her girlfriend ty lee (YES, GIRLFRIEND, shut uuuup) is her complete and total opposite and it’s adorable.
  • okay, i don’t want to be misleading here so, speaking in the strictest canonical sense, they are not girlfriends but THEY ARE GIRLFRIENDS IN MY HEART, ALRIGHT? leave me alone.


this was not very coherent.