azuki lynn


woman, let me touch you
woman, let me kiss you
woman, let me taste you
woman, let me feel you
woman, let me make you
woman, let me worship you

i will never break you

woman, let me heal you
woman, let me sing to you
woman, let me hold you

touch me with
your lovely eyes…

i see you
i see into you

woman, let me move you
woman, let me comfort you
woman, let me fall for you
woman, i adore you

Azuki Lynn

Florida in July

breathing hot cotton
triple-digit temps
cattails like corn dogs
mossy tendrils hang limp
raucous cicadas
always heard
rarely seen
indifferent grass
dozy breeze
butterflies as big as barn swallows
vultures sit waiting in the wings…

life is one big
box of melted chocolates

Azuki Lynn

Full Circle

Said the raven to the robin:
I will love you evermore
Said the crow to Cupid’s bow:
My heart is not an open door

Said the blue jay to the sparrow:
My colors bleed just for you
Said the lark to the arrow:
Don’t play me for a fool

Said the swan to the dove:
You thrill me to my core
Said the dove to the raven:
I will love you evermore

Azuki Lynn

Sky Divers

In the ether
Nimble fingers
Part moonlight into rays
Webbed feet
Kick hard ahead
Leaving trails of stardust
In their wake
We never surface
Our silver-skinned bodies
Have no need of breath
We drink poetry like wine
Time was always an illusion
We are infinite
We are joyful
We are

Azuki Lynn

Walking Song

I am weak and weary
Take me to the clearing
Where the sun doth shine
And the gentle wind blows

I am filled with sorrow
Won’t you let me borrow
A sip of your heart
A sliver of your soul

Come, take my hand now
Let us walk together
Through shady woods
Where the pine trees sigh

Onward to the clearing
Where the gentle wind blows

Onward to the clearing
Where the sun doth shine

Azuki Lynn

In Your Eyes

For my two-dozen Rose…

I want to go stargazing in your eyes
Twin universes of love and comfort
Galaxies of joy
Your lovely, lively orbs are
Sun and Earth to me
You are my woman, womanly
Your body is the continent I call home
Your hands, my country
Your smile, my world
Your laughter, my solace
You are my girl
Let me travel the pathways of your soul
Your aura is a soft, warm blanket
Enfold me now, come close
Come closer still, so I can look
I want to look and never stop seeing
I want to go stargazing in your eyes

Azuki Lynn

Marching On

March strides in wearing green galoshes and an old, gray sweater.

He asks me if I am ready for Spring, and I want to tell him yes, yet it still feels like Winter deep inside my heart.

So I tell him I’m not ready, for much of anything really…

Have these things ever mattered to Seasons or to Time?

He doesn’t say another word, but tightens his sweater around himself and ventures back into the cold.

Azuki Lynn

Warp & Weft

there is a weaving
in the eye of my beholder
an infinity of softness
a plentitude of blue

oh, how she caresses me
this worded, winged thing

with her binding
threads of madness

her deft
fingers ply me
i am her earthly loom

she is my devil
she is my angel

my divine
and wicked muse

Azuki Lynn

Consider it a Gift

Poe the Crow is greedy
for anything that shines
He hides his little treasures
in the trunk of an ancient pine

It was sometime in September
that he stole my watch from me
And I swear I can hear it ticking
from its place inside that tree

I wonder what Poe would do
if I raided his treasure trove
But I just don’t have it in me
to desecrate his one true love

So I leave his stash unsullied
in the trunk of the ancient pine
Consider it a gift, dear Poe
to your heart, from mine

Azuki Lynn

I guess it's too late…

To kiss that girl
The one I had a crush on when I was fifteen
The one with stormy, gray eyes
The one I sang Hotel California with in stairwells and on beaches

I guess it’s too late to know how sweet her lips must have tasted
The silk of her cheek against my palm
The warmth of her breath on my neck
The wine of desire running through our veins

I wish I could go back in time
Reach out for her
Once and for all
Reach through the distance created by adolescent fear and awkwardness
To touch
To taste
To hold

And I know I can’t go back
But my memories do not know what I know
So they take me to that place
That time

One sunny, Saturday afternoon
The gaze of longing she gave me after brushing my hair
How her breasts had pressed softly against my back
The lilt of her laughter
The thrill of her and me and her
How she permeated my every thought

And how she hand-copied the poems I had written
To take with her when she moved away
Far away
Further still beyond my reach
God, how I remember

Azuki Lynn

Drive Safely

Let me ride your hip
Before you have to go
Let me grind myself
Against your thigh
Make you more than sigh
Come here and let me
Grab your sides
Pull you close
Nuzzle your neck
Let me see your eyes
I will make you laugh
Before you go
I will make you smile
I want to leave my mark
Before you go
Before you drive to work
On the rain-wet roads

Azuki Lynn


I sat up there for an hour
reading what he’d carved
symbols torn from bark
his rustic love letter to me

He knew I’d find his words
upon the low-hanging branch
knew the ways I walked
knew my daydreamy places

I kept running my hand over
those woody indentations
imagining his body beneath
my enraptured fingertips

His name loving my name
within the oak’s ancient skin…
until suddenly I wondered
how the tree felt about it

Azuki Lynn

Merry Muse of May

I reach for her with both hands
My sun, my moon, my muse
I see flowers in her eyes
For the month of May

Her rose-petal lips are smiling
My stars, my wind, my rain
She fills my lonely arms
I pull her to my heart

She blossoms for me there
Fills me with her words
I open up my chest
Poems flutter out

She flies into the month of May
My sun, my moon, my muse
I know I will see her again
When my heart is lonely

Azuki Lynn

Heaven, Hell, or Limbo?

The floors
are never clean here

They are littered

They are splattered
hot wax

And the walls drip

And the ceilings
are all black

And each bed is a rose
And each bed is a thorn
Each candle a desire

Is this where
souls are born?

Azuki Lynn