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Ladies and gentlemen, a new challenger has appeared!!

Even though Sonic lacks chest fur and bloodlust, he can still bust a move! Even as a baby, Sonic could breakdance! Just look at his moves from the 1990s! Did you know Sonic plays air guitar just before going to bed? Amy has proof since she hid in Sonic’s closet and recorded his every move! 

:O Were you aware that Shadow, Mephiles, Silver, and Sonic were dancers? They should form a dance crew! 

So far, the ultimate lifeform is in the lead! ;D Naturally!! Who deserves the title of best dancer?

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FiG song of the now:

This is a WIP remix/cover of an unreleased Gorillaz + The Horrors song called “Leviathan”, being worked on by both Freen in Green, and MITO, and sort of starring 2D! It’s based on what we could hear in the “Making of Plastic Beach” documentary, with some creative liberties taken. Of course, this is a Work in Progress, so it’s obviously not finished just yet either! 

azoo and onac sav the worl

once upon a time azoo was like

“yo crickems what time is it”

and onac was like


she brought a cookie and azoo ate an apple pie

everyone wanted them but they couldn’t have them

they watched adventures of sonic the hedgehog but everyone was like “why.jpg”

oh well

where was I going with this

the end