FIGHT KNIGHT day 95: I created and added some new hands! And don’t worry, the old ones will still be in the game :)

(I hope you’ll forgive me for being in the mood for some ‘Walk Out to Winter’ by Aztek Camera)

Aztek: JLA Secret Files by N. Steven Harris  //  DC Comics

Aztek is the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. The character first appeared in Aztek, The Ultimate Man #1 in August 1996, created by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar. Following the short run series, Aztek appeared in several issues of JLA also written by Morrison.

Aztek can manipulate four dimensional energy to achieve almost limitless effects, superstrength, superspeed, superhearing, x-ray vision, flight, invisibility, density shifting. (X)



“The Great Montezuma was about forty years old, of good height, well proportioned, spare and slight, and not very dark, though of the usual Indian complexion. He did not wear his hair long but just over his ears, and he had a short black beard, well-shaped and thin. His face was rather long and cheerful, he had fine eyes, and in his appearance and manner could express geniality or, when necessary, a serious composure. He was very neat and clean, and took a bath every afternoon.” (Díaz del Castillo 1568/1963)

A character I’ve always kind of liked because I’m Mexican but I gotta be honest, tried reading the Morrison/Millar series and it bored the shit out of me. Maybe I’ll give it another go some time. Maybe I was in the wrong state of mind. It was probably all my fault. Grant Morrison had a hand in it so it probably is genius, it just went over my head. Don’t read that as sarcasm either. I’m dead ass serious about this.