aztec warrior


I’ve been in a serious art funk. For about three weeks I haven’t been able to produce ANYTHING except for a painting for my friend of her dogs. I have barely touched my tablet, it was discouraging to even scribble anything out, and it felt like my will to art had vanished. My day job has also been bearing down on me and its just. been a drag.

So naturally ive been playing pokemon. And I found a new appreciation I had never had for Hawlucha. I kind of love everything about it? So I had to draw it. Here is my hawlucha currently in my pokemon X file i’m working through. She is a good girl named Shiner because she was found with a black eye and a chip on her shoulder. But yeah. I should be back to my commissions very soon (like tomorrow!) and streaming art and games again. Until then, enjoy some smol Brawlbirds.

One of these is a nonsensical shitpost

1.) Joan of Arc has an alternate version of her created by a Gilles de Rais maddened by his knowledge of Cthulu. This alternate version of her drinks an elixir from Gilgamesh, the Mesopotamian King, in an effort to upstage a female King Arthur’s alternate version in a Santa hat. The elixir turns out to be a youth elixir, and creates an alternate, younger version of Joan of Arc’s alternate version, in a Santa hat.

2.) Kotomine Kirei, a sadistic priest, enjoys extremely spicy mapo tofu because every time he eats it, while he feels nothing, he can imagine the pain others might feel upon eating it and this gives him sexual pleasure.

3.) An ancient Aztec warrior possesses a twenty-something Japanese woman and runs around in a tiger fursuit attacking people with a broom.


Yaotécpatl was one of the most experienced warriors of the Mexica Empire in its heyday, and he was a powerful nahual.

He gain the range of tzitzimitl warrior with only 23 years old and participated in numerous campaigns of conquest taking numerous prisoners.

However, his greatest achievement was the single combat that he took against the  tzitzimime released by owl nahuals who used  powerful spells of necromancy.

 He could kill the terrible monster, which wreaked havoc on the population of Chapultepec, but he  had to sacrifice his life.

I love going to the wrestling. The other night, I was coming back after the performance and I had to pass through a deserted alley. Suddenly a guy acred me and took my bag. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my idol, the wrestler Aztec Warrior was passing by. He heard my scream and ran to help me. He caught the robber, so now I admire him even more.

Lolita Gallardo, Mexico City