aztec tank top

p.s. This is my natural hair colour, I did not dye it to get this ombre look lol it’s just from working outside all day. I’m just waiting for the top of my head to catch up with this lighter brown/dark blonde colour. :P

I'm Scared (Kris x You)

A/N Soo I did a thing. And it’s smut. It’s my first one and I’d appreciate some feedback :)

Warning: RATED
Trigger warning: talks about sexual assault. This is a very touchy subject and as a person with experience of being sexually assaulted I understand if it makes some people uncomfortable. Please let me know if you find it offensive and I’ll take it down :)

The warm air hitting your frozen face as you walked into the apartment felt like a slap.
“Hello?” You called out weakly, setting your gucci bag that Tao got for you on your birthday (because apparently your Prada one was a “disgrace”) on the coat rack. “Kris where are you? I have a surprise!” Kris Wu has been your boyfriend for 6 months. You two met on a photo shoot for Vogue, and ended up taking an interest in each other. The rest is history.
The sound of a door opening pulled you out of your day dream. In walked Kris carrying a bag of groceries. “Hi baby!” He said pulling you in for a small yet passionate kiss.
“How was your day?” You asked, taking the bag into the kitchen to unload the contents.
“A lot better now that I’m with you” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist. You could feel his hot breath hitting your neck, sending shivers down your spine.
“You look so amazing baby,” he said between the little butterfly kisses he was leaving on your neck. Your stomach jumped into your throat.
“K-Kris. Please stop.” You said in a shaky breath.
“Baby I think I am ready to take our relationship to the next level. Don’t you?” He whispered, voice filled with lust.
“I-I’m scared.” You admitted.
“I know it’s your first time but we can take it slow,” he suggested. You remembered that you never told him. You felt the hot tears well up in your eyes.
“No. It’s not.” You sobbed as you walked to the couch. He took a seat right next to you.
“_____, what’s wrong?” Inhaling a quivering breath you told him.
“I got raped when I was younger.” Which ended up coming out in sobs. Kris wrapped you in a hug.
“I understand if you’re not ready. I will do anything to help you baby.” His replied. You looked up at him and pulled him into a kiss, starting innocent at first but got steamy.
“Kris,” you panted, “I want to go to the next level with you.” You said looking him in the eye. “Are you sure? We don’t ha-” you shut him up by kissing his perfectly sculpted lips.
“I’m sure.” You answered, smiling at him. He kissed your forehead and picked you up, carrying you bridal style to your bedroom. He laid you down gently on the bed.
“If you want me to stop tell me,” he said as he pulled off your Aztec tank top and black leggings. He stared down at your almost naked form.
“You are so beautiful,” he said before capturing your lips. He massaged your breast through your black and blue bra. A moan slipped past your lips as you became more relaxed. You tugged the hem of his shirt and he quickly ripped it off, getting rid of your bra right after. His hands roamed your body, tweaking an erect nipple. You bit your lip and fumbled with his belt buckle. Deciding you were taking to long, he stood up shoving off his pants and reached into his drawer. In his palm was a silver package. He ripped it open with his teeth and rolled the condom onto his member. The moans he was making got you embarrassingly wet. He got onto his elbows and positioned himself at your entrance.
“Are you sure ______?” He asked, his angelic voice filled with lust. You nodded signaling for him to go. Slowly but with ease he pushed himself into you, kissing the tears off your face and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, trying to distract you from the pain. After he was fully in you, he waited until you were adjusted to him. He slowly pulled out only to ram back into you, hitting a certain spot that blurred your vision with stars. Your breathing became rapid and your moans made him go faster and harder, nailing that bundle of nerves each time.
“Fuck Kris right there agai-oh fuck yes baby yes,” you groaned.
“____ I’m close.” He grunted. There was a ball of hot pressure growing in your stomach. Your walls tightened around his member as your orgasm took over your body. With one last thrust and grunt, you felt his hot seeds fill you. He fell next to you and snuggled your body closer to his.
“I love you ____. And I mean it.” He whispered.
“I love you too.” You sighed before darkness surrounded you and you were fast asleep next to the man you knew you’d love for the rest of your life.
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Hipster Set (Part I)

Hey guys! I’m here today with my brand new Hipster set :) It consists of a “The XX” Tank Top which has their album “Coexist” ’s artwork on (they are one of my favorite bands), and another one which has a Galaxy Print Cross. I also edited the bras underneath the tank tops. Like all of my uploads, these are non-default and come with their own, custom swatches in CAS. This is the first out of two parts of this set, so make sure to check for the second part coming in the next few days, possibly tomorrow ;) This is what they look like:

Download here (Google Drive)

(Also, if you haven’t noticed, I made the Tank Top itself more white, the one that comes with the game is kinda like, dirty white/light grey but don’t worry these will not replace the original one)

I would like to apologize as well for my previous posts, my Google Drive sharing settings were set to private :( I had no idea that was the default setting, but I changed it now and everything should be ready to download for you guys. Here are the links:

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Female Aztec Print Tank Tops

My first ever CC for The Sims 4, two new Aztec print tank tops for your female Sims! These are non-default and have their own, custom swatches in Create-A-Sim to help you recognize them! I can confirm they work perfectly fine simultaneously (or alone), so you can have both in your game at the same time.

Download Here (Google Drive)

You’re free to download both or just the one you like :)

(the “Pink Aztec Print Tank” file is the one the right in the picture above)

Hope you guys love them as much as I do, will be posting more in the next fews days! <3