aztec print leggings

Passion for obnoxiously large scarves 💕
• Aztec print infinity scarf (Charlotte Russe $7.50)
• cream sheer sleeveless high low blouse (H&M)
• grey stonewashed leggings (TJ Maxx)
• cream knee socks
• tan combat boots (delia*s)
• gold geometric pendant necklace (Charlotte Russe)
• green military jacket (F21)


“You’re mine.” He said, pushing me up against the lockers and sucking on my neck.

I moaned loudly as he fucked me from behind even though my parents were next door


“He’s 12 years older than you, in a gang and is a drug dealer”


“He emotionally abuses you.”


I smiled at my outfit. I was wearing a neon pink tank top with Aztec printed leggings and teal sandals.

“It was all a bet.” he said to me as his friends laughed at me.

I watched as Luke Hemmings, the bad boy of the school, walked up to his friends, smirking. He smirked at me and then turned to his friends, smirking. I watched as he laughed at what his friend, who was smirking said, he smirked again. He smirked as he opened his locker, smirking as girls waved at him.

“We have known each other for three days but I want to give you my virginity.”

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taylor for katlyn

a\n; inspiered by the fault in our stars

taylor i cant do this any more i repeated in my head time after time trying to find the right voice to say it.i had said it in my head at least 7 times, probably more. i just hopped i didn’t choke when he came. he always made me feel like i was the whole world the moon and the stars. i walked out of the bathroom and took one last selfie. i wouldn’t look like this ever again.

my hair feel to my lower back almost touching my but, had on high waisted jeans, and white t-shirt that was tucked in. i had on black and white print aztec leggings. i starred at the photo i had just taken, why did the have to happen to me, i have away tried to be good person, maybe its because i took Annabel’s twinky in the 1st grade, maybe not. i had taken a seat on my desk chair by now. i frowned and pressed start, and the windows thing started my computer up.

i herd 3 knocks, and in came taylor. ” baby” he almost ran to me. i smiled and hugged him back as tight as i could, soon feeling guilty i let go, and let the smile fall off of my face. i quickly notice.
” baby girl, what wrong” he said still standing i sat back in the chair, and face my bed motioning for him to sit down also. he did.

“ taylor we need to talk” i started,damn i already messed up, everyone knows when a girl says that you messed up, big time. and taylor had done nothing wrong, what i had knowledge to. i started playing with my fingers, the looked at taylor, him eyeing me as if my words would be the last on the planet.

” taylor, i think i should,” i stopped because that not what i practice, taking a deep breath i blurted out ” i cant do thins any more taylor” he had a confused look on his face.

“ what?” he questioned, not as if he didn’t hear but as if he didn’t understand or didn’t want to. “ you cant do what any more Kaitlyn ?” he asked firmly

“ this taylor, us.” i wanted to say life but i didn’t mean that, and my life was being taken away from me right now i knew this would spark a big argument. and it did by now we had been arguing for at least 45 minutes, maybe more. we just stood in each other face screaming.

” tell me you don’t love me and ill leave” he told me. i dint say anything for a couple of seconds,i dint want to lie, but i was already keeping the biggest secret of my life from him. i hesitated, because i knew if it came to this i would have to say it. so i did.

“ i-i-i-i i don’t love you taylor’ i stuttered, but managed to get out. a tear. i knew if i had told him the real reason he would only wanted to say with me that much more like he was obligated to, and he wasn’t, i was trying to minimize the fatalities id cause before i went, ever to soon. it had been days scene id seen, talked to or herd from taylor, three to be exact. i counted every moment. i herd 3 knocks on my door but i dint want to lift my head from the pillow. i felt a warm body next to mine. only minutes later did i realize that taylor is the only one that knocked on my door three time before coming in. i just lay there not wanting to move, i now knew he knew, my mom probably told him. even after specifically having a conversation that he didn’t need to know and i didn’t want him to.the phone had been ringing off the hook for the last 3 days, and i just assumed it was someone else. i turned for face him chest to chest.

” i went in for a pet scan, because you know iv been feeling week and i broke my leg twice this year. when the doctor came back, he told me i light up like a christmas tree" i let out a tear, and so did he. for the last couple of days id been coughing up blood. i didn’t want him to say anything, there was nothing to say, and he knew that so he just held me. “ okay?” he questioned

“ okay” i stated

i wish i could say i made this remarkable recovery, or that the found the cure to cancer in the next three days but they didn’t, an if you think i didn’t die because i am telling you this the you dead wrong, all pun intend. 5 days later july 3rd i died.

sorry its bad could have done better sorry