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Products for Oily, Acne Prone Skin Master Post

Alright as requested here is the next product recommendations masterpost!

Cleanser: Pacifica Kale Detox cleanser, Neutrogena oil-free acne wash, and Origins zero oil deep pore cleanser.

Toner: Murad clarifying toner, Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner, Missha time revolution clear toner, and Nip and Fab’s bee sting fix toner.

Exfoliate: Nip and Fab extreme glycolic fix pads, The Ordinary salicylic acid 2%, and foods like pineapple, papaya, and pumpkin. 

Moisturizer: Pacifica kale luxe lotion, Aveeno ultra calming daily moisturizer, and juice beauty oil free moisturizer. 

Serum: The Ordinary’s AHA peeling serum, Mario Badesu’s vitamin C serum, and Perricone MD intensive pore treatment. 

Spot treatment: The body shop tea tree oil blemish gel, Mario Badescu drying lotion, and honey with cinnamon.

Sunscreen: Kiehls super fluid UV sunscreen, Neutrogena clear face sunscreen, and the Sun Bum facial sunscreen.

Masks: Aztec Indian healing clay with apple cider vinegar, Queen Helene mint julep mask, and Murad’s clarifying mask. 

Those are my recommendations! I’ve tried to really be conscience in picking products in all different price ranges so there are some higher end ones, but also some very affordable ones!

DIY Pore Cleansing Mask | Face Mask Friday

As the title of this post suggests, today I am going to tell you how to make a pore cleansing mask with an ingredient I discovered a few months ago that I have fallen completely in love with. You may be wondering, what is this magical ingredient? It is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay!

I bought this 1 lb jar on amazon for like $8 and let me tell you it is one of the best purchases I’ve made (as far as skin care goes that is.) This stuff dries up and holds onto all the gunk in my pores, so when I take it off, the impurities leave with the mask. Now, I’m not promising that this clay is going to work for you exactly like it does for me, because of course all of our skin is different. But, I would recommend it for an awesome clay pore cleansing mask!

One of my favorite things about this clay is that it is so versatile. You can add almost any ingredient you can think of! This is great because you can cater the mask to your skin type. The ingredients I use are mostly to aid in the pore cleansing, along with combating acne. Feel free to use different ingredients than I am if you have different skin concerns!

Alrighty, let’s get on to making the mask!

First I added two heaping spoonfuls of the clay to my bowl.

Then I added the liquid ingredients. I used two spoonfuls of water, two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar, and one spoonful of witch hazel.

Next I added one spoonful of honey.

And finally I added a few drops of tea tree oil.

Then mix it all together to get a lovely, goopy, clay mask.

Finally, it’s time to smother this wonderful creation all over my face. I like to apply a pretty thick layer.

Get ready for the hottest selfie you’ve ever seen ;)

Now just wait for the mask to dry. I usually wait around 20-30 minutes.

This mask will constrict a bit as it dries. It may become a little uncomfortable, but hey, beauty comes at a price right? If it bothers you too much, go ahead and rinse the mask off before its all the way dry. I find that there is less discomfort if I apply a thicker layer on my face.

As you can see, the dried mask is very flattering.

I like to wash this mask off with a warm washcloth. But let me warn you, this mask can be difficult and messy to get off when you let it completely dry. Pieces like to flake off and other pieces don’t want to let go. It’s all great fun. But I believe its worth it for the amazing pore cleansing results. This mask may leave your skin looking red and/or feeling dry. Don’t worry. Just apply a gentle moisturizer or facial oil to lock in the benefits of the mask and keep your skin hydrated.

I don’t recommend using this mask more than once a week as it could irritate the skin. I do this every week or two to keep my skin fresh and clean. I do recommend using other gentler cleansing masks on the weeks when you don’t need such a a deep clean!

Alright, so I hope this post was helpful/informative/educational or something along those lines. As always, feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

I hope you all had a lovely day, and I hope your weekend is fantastic!

Stay glam!
xo Kyla


My “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Face Mask

My face hates the winter. I’m one of those odd people that actually break out more when its cold.So, every so often I try different masks to pull out any toxins and hydrate my skin. Also, If you click on each photo you can see the steps/ what I was adding at that time. 

To make my wicked concoction I used the following products:

- Aztec Healing Clay (2 Tbl Sp)

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Yogurt (6 Tbl Sp)

-Honey (2 Tbl Sp)

-EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Tbl Sp)

-Coffee (4 Tbl Sp)

The above “measurements” are super rough. I honestly threw everything into a bowl until it reached a creamy consistency and looked a lot like melted cookies n cream ice cream. 


-Aztec Healing Clay is an all natural calcium bentonite powder that creates a polarized charge on your face, lifting toxins out of the skin and replacing them with healing minerals. It works against pimples, acne scars, large pores… and that’s just for your face. This clay is $11 for 1lb on amazon :)

-Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure all for acne. According to google it removes dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin; contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E- AND MUCH MORE. 

-Yogurt works as a hydrant in this mask. The healing clay by itself (with water) is very drying and flakes a lot. So, yogurt was used to give the mask a smoother texture. Also, yogurt naturally hydrates the skin and has anti-bacterial properties that will work to destroy pimples. I used some old yogurt that I found in the back of the fridge.

-Honey & EVOO have the same basic properties of yogurt. Honey locks in moisture and has anti-bacterial properties. While EVOO is a super moisturizer. 

-Coffee reduces under eye inflammation and redness. It’s also an excellent exfoliating agent and brightens up your complexion!


-Apply this mask before you get in the shower so you will be able to soften the mask enough to gently massage it off with your fingertips. DO NOT use a face rag or your face will be sad and red like a tomato. Learn from my mistakes :)

-Test the product on your hand before applying, just in case you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!

Link for clay!

***Someone (Elizabuns) pointed out that I should have used a plastic spoon to make this face mask, great point! Thanks Elizabuns!!***

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yesss pls post a thorough explanation and help us, your skin is amazing 😭

I first start with washing my body with African Black Soap (disclaimer for sensitive skin it’s kind of harsh and if you rub it too hard you can get redness), I then wash my face with a cleanser with salicylic acid (I’m just saying cleanser and not anything specific because there’s tons of cleansers with salicylic acid you just have to find the one that works for you), then I apply witch hazel to a cotton puff (thing?) and I rub my face with it (softly also you really see the dirt on the cotton once you’re done rubbing it), hen I dab tea tree oil to a cotton pad and dilute it with some water (it will burn) and dab it on my face (disclaimer it burns that’s why you have to dilute it with water), the. I moisturize my face with an unscented lotion. Every 3 days or so I use the Aztec Indian clay mask for a deep pore treatment just to remove any dirt that’s been built up and I usually mix the powder with ACV (apple cider vinegar). When you first do the mask it stings a little but then it stops. I also make my own Rose water to freshen up my face especially when it’s dry. Also I’m trying to eat healthier foods but I’ve been detoxing with water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and sis it works!! Sometimes I get the munchies and I’ll eat a whole bunch of junk food or dairy products and then I would drink diluted ACV and I’ll feel refreshed the next day. Also dairy products and red meat is no bueno for skin but we all have our days when we impulsively buy a 6 pack of cotton candy ice cream sandwiches from Walmart 🤷🏾‍♀️

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product suggests for oily skin?

i have dry skin and my brother has oily skin and (most of) these products worked wonders for both of us!! 

aztec secret indian healing facial clay - mix clay with equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of active honey!! i broke out SO bad a week ago like it was all over my chin/around my mouth and i used it for four days straight and it’s pretty much completely gone?? it also completely bought down a pretty big breakout on my nose so yA THIS IS THE REAL DEAL KIDS

lush cup of coffee - biNCH I KID U NOT the first time i used this my skin GLOWED. it legit looked like my skin was glowing from within it was?? incredible??? it’s also supposedly really good for breakouts but tbh it didn’t do much for me on that front, but i mainly used it as an exfoliator (which fyi, it does the job rly well). 

lush brazen honey - i haven’t tried this one out but my brother loved it and used it constantly while we were in tokyo. i think he said it reduced breakouts/calmed existing spots

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If i may ask what is your skincare routine?

Hello :) Thank you so much for your question :)) (secretly, skincare is one of my favorite things :))

I do change a lot of products, throughout the months, but currently this is it:

Morning: I wash my face with a mild face wash. It’s either Ren’s Rosa Centifolia cleansing gel or Evolve’s Cleansing Melt.

After it, I apply a few drops of serums either by The Ordinary (depending on the concern) or Decleor’s Aromessence Rose d'Orient Soothing Serum, or Sans Ceuticals Activator 7 if I’m feeling luxe (!). I then apply my normal face cream which is by Aesop or Skin Food by Weleda. Then a SPF by La Roche Posay Anthelious. I do love the supple comfort and richness provided by Earth Tu Face, in the colder months. I used to wear an eyecream to solve my problematic under eye circles, but nothing really solves it :)

Night: I use DHC oil, followed by Weleda’s Wild Rose Night Cream. And I might eventually mix a little serum if I’m not too sleepy :)

Others: I do love face masks. I mostly use Japan’s Lululuan (all of them! :), Origins Active Charcoal Face Mask, Kiehl’s Rare Earth Cleansing Mask, several Korean eye masks like Missha’s Speedy Eye Solution Brightning Mask, Tony Moly’s Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip patches, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask.

I do love Japanese silkworm cocoons and a decent Jade roller. I think that’s it :))

y’all have probably already heard of it but the aztec secret indian clay mask rly lives up to the hype??? my skin has been breaking out sOOO much lately and i’ve been using it for a few days and its practically gotten rid of/calmed down all of my breakouts!!

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Open/large pores can be shrunk by a good skincare routine. Products with glycolic acid will help a lot. Mario Badescu does a very nice foaming glycolic range or try nip+fab, also use a clay mask twice a week, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is amazing for tightening pores or try Lush's seaweed mask. Make sure you stay moisturized and drink plenty of water! Hope this helps :) xx



Tonights Facial Part I

  • Create barrier between hair and face.
  • Messy Bun to keep hair out of face. (the bigger the better)
  • Remove Makeup
  • Wash Face
  • then Pat Dry
  • Mix Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with Aloe Juice
  • Until Mud like
  • Apply to face for 5 to 25 minutes (depending on sensitivity of skin)
  • Chase your dog around screaming “Mike Wazowski!” until the time is up.  Bonus points if you actually scare your dog instead of just embarrass him/her.
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Pat Dry

I bought the Aztec secret Indian healing clay and it’s so worth it omg……
I used it last night and left it on my face for like an hour cause I had a pimple and I was breaking out on my cheeks and man.. I washed it off and I had smooooooth ass skin. It left redness, but I read online that, that’s normal so it was whatever (the redness on my cheeks went away after awhile anyways). I put coconut oil on after to moisturize my face and neck and I woke up to my skin feeling so wonderful❤️

I have really sensitive skin, so every time I break out or get a pimple, it’ll result in dark spots and acne marks and it’s so annoying so that’s why I bought it. Hopefully it will fade the marks quickly, but idk I’m just happy my skin is feeling smooth and pretty again so :) lol