aztec indian clay

I bought the Aztec secret Indian healing clay and it’s so worth it omg……
I used it last night and left it on my face for like an hour cause I had a pimple and I was breaking out on my cheeks and man.. I washed it off and I had smooooooth ass skin. It left redness, but I read online that, that’s normal so it was whatever (the redness on my cheeks went away after awhile anyways). I put coconut oil on after to moisturize my face and neck and I woke up to my skin feeling so wonderful❤️

I have really sensitive skin, so every time I break out or get a pimple, it’ll result in dark spots and acne marks and it’s so annoying so that’s why I bought it. Hopefully it will fade the marks quickly, but idk I’m just happy my skin is feeling smooth and pretty again so :) lol


My skin has cleared up so much in the past couple of months after suffering with breakouts. Changing my skin care regime along while simultaneously becoming a vegetarian and paying closer attention to what I put into my body has really done wonders for me physically, spiritually, emotionally. Believe it or not, I only wash my face with oil. 

I use pure cold pressed almond oil and 2 drops of lavender oil. Once a week, or when I feel a breakout coming, I use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which helps draw out impurities, blackheads, etc. Moreover, I use rose petal witch hazel as a toner. If I want to use some sort of soap on my skin, I use pure African black soap that I buy from any street vendor in the boroughs – Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens.

I decided to go the natural route after my skin just wouldn’t clear up with classic skin care products (i.e. Neutrogena, Proactiv, Clearasil). In fact, they were causing my face to be both dry and oily (weird, right?). My skin was imbalanced and needed to restore to its natural state, the natural way. What I’ve learned overall is to listen to your skin, listen to your body and you will discover what it needs. Special thanks to Fran of heyfranhey for sharing her skin care regime that I’ve adopted as my own! (see video here)