aztec hat

Questions I want to ask the twins....
  1. Lau…hair…why are you hurting me like this, bruh? Why won’t you let that luscious mane be great like we know it can be?
  3. Larry…#DropTheTowel2k14…the campaign has a lot of supporters. On board or nah? Promise I won’t leak it. ;)
  4. Lau, just how extensive is your dangly earring collection? #TeamEarring
  5. Can I play in your hair? and if yes, where you at so I can come play in your hair?
  6. Playstation or Xbox? …this is a very important question.
  7. Lau, any plans to reinstate the Aztec print hat back into your public wardrobe?
  8. But seriously, Larry, about that ear hat, though?
  9. Larry, why do you get so deliciously thick while you’re in Japan?
  10. Do/have y'all ever creep/(ed) on Tumblr or is that just my imagination?
  11. I think about the Juste Debout win a lot…do you?
  12. What really happened with the first ATL workshop?
  13. *something extremely inappropriate for that one twin with the scar on his lip*
  14. Larry, how did you get that scar on your lip? I really need to know that one.
  15. Larry…favorite sex object is your tongue, huh?
  16. I have a full list of songs that I need y'all to dance to…can I Kik that to you or…?
  17. Are y'all ever going to do a video with my beloved Jabbawockeez like what you did with Poreotics…I really wanna see Larry in that mask…
  18. Larry, how do you pull off being an “adorably cute grown ass man” and “irresistible sex god” in a span of 3.5 seconds?
  19. Y'all smoke blunts or nah? Larry, your pinky nail and …Lau in general…I have my reasons
  20. Larry, can I get a lapdance to Pony for my birthday?
  21. Why do y'all insist on destroying our ovaries and acting like you don’t know what’s going on?
  22. You’re uber talented af in a lot of things…so I’ve heard. What instruments do you play?
  23. Larry…can you sing something? Anything? Just sang, baby…
  24. Lau, do you cook, too?
  25. Will y'all be adding to the grills you have? If so, can y'all get some dope ass fangs…like Luda style or something?

Questions I’m probably going to ask….