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Thank you so much for sticking it out and waiting, I cant believe this is all real, I am sitting here shaking. 


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Improvement hell - Day 02

Improvement hell - Day 02
Draw a figure using a reference - link to reference
I did an OC, she’s called Azrielle. Original design is FireDragonRem’s.

Reference Photo:

Here’s my first try, months ago…

And finally, IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT (please do, it’s fulfilling XD)
Here’s the original link from PencilCat

I doodled a precious Lucifer… He’s in the cage on time out, haha…(?)
Anyways, I like to imagine that when an angel falls, the flesh/broken/bare parts of their wings glow with their grace, which is why his wings ended up like that.
archangel-azriel and mischivous-rebel lookie