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Superhero Aesthetics // Extended Batman Family

We may have began as the soldiers Batman built for his crusade. But we became something else, something he never expected. We started as an army. We chose to be a family. And if there’s hope for us… there’s hope for anyone.

Dick Grayson [x]

Barbara Gordon [x]

Tim Drake [x]


Things you find in the Batfamily closets


  • That suit (We all know the one)
  • Old clothes that barely fit him
  • The old dad sweat shirt (It’s covered in coffee stains and smells like fall)
  • Hockey jerseys, just so many hockey jerseys; one from each town that he’s ever visited that has a hockey team
  • A pair of white tennis shoes from ten years ago
  • Tons and tons of ties that everyone gets him for his birthday


  • Every horrible shirt he wore (polka-dots, everything)
  • Gymnast leotards
  • Awful green tights
  • Baseball caps with terrible one liners printed on them
  • Khaki pants and shorts
  • Collector edition shoes from when he was little that he doesn’t even realize are special
  • His costume


  • A purple track suit Steph got her
  • A trench coat from her dad
  • A black t-shirt that says “In a hacker voice” on the front and “I’m in” on the back
  • Tons of nice blouses and cardigans (her and Kate the only grown adult in the batfamily that dresses like it)
  • Old clothes from her youth that she’s embarrassed about (”It’s like staring at every neon sign in Vegas in a box”) 


  • A variety of custom motorcycle riding gloves 
  • Old Red Hood Helmets 
  • Worn out, beaten up denim jeans that make him think about retiring to the countryside after he kills the Joker
  • (He also keeps fashion magazines hidden in it)


  • Every single bit of Tony Hawk brand clothing he could get his hands on
  • Converse sneakers
  • The rich kid sweater album
  • Too many polo shirts 
  • A terrible purple suit Steph got him
  • Stale meme shirts he wears ironically

Jean Paul

  • Hot pink socks
  • Crocs
  • Old sweaters he gets at thrift shops
  • A pimp hat, but he doesn’t even realize it’s a pimp hat (he also got this a thrift shop)
  • Band t-shirts for the most obscure shit ever
  • Hand sewed capes and cloaks he makes for the batfamily for their D&D nights
  • His costume


  • Leg warmers she stole from Barbara
  • One of Jason’s favorite leather jackets (Which she stole)
  • A pair of Tim’s sneakers
  • Jean Paul’s cape that he made for her
  • Five of Bruce’s ties
  • One of Harper’s flannel button ups
  • One of Jason’s motorcycle helmets
  • Her black dress



  • A nice variety of formal wear that isn’t just one suit/dress or just one color
  • A good variety of shoes that aren’t old or something she obsessively collects
  • Comfortable robes and pajamas
  • Her wigs
  • (Other women’s lingerie)


  • The most amount of suits in the Batfamily
  • Uniforms from every private school he’s been kicked out of
  • Alfred the Cat’s cat bed
  • The swords that Bruce won’t allow him to keep out in the open
  • A safe with a duffel bag that has the supplies he needs if he has to go on the run


  • Signed band/singer/rapper t-shirts that he would never wear
  • A Batman hoodie (He says if he ever becomes Batman that’s what his costume is going to be)
  • His costume(s; he keeps his Robin one for nostalgia sakes)
  • Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and anime cosplays he’s made and wore
  • Cool sunglasses (He stole some of them from other heroes and villains)


  • Ripped up jeans
  • Very nice leather jackets (Jason asks her where she gets them from every time they meet)
  • Bisexual pride shirts
  • Flannel button ups
  • Tons of boots
  • A gross ass jumpsuit that she wears for when she has to do electric work in the sewers


  • Some very nice suits, which are the only nice clothes he has
  • Jorts
  • Tank tops
  • Basketball jerseys
  • Lab coats
  • Sandals that he wears with socks

anonymous asked:

make it four ppl! u have any jeanluke headcanons?

so… many…

  • they’re a disgusting kind of slowburn. it actually takes them such a long time to actually realize they both have romantic feelings for each other because they’re both so obtuse when it comes to a relationship that hasn’t been romantic from the get go (and this has kate and bruce dying of desperation. they need to get a room. they don’t even do anything like flirt shamelessly, like steph did with cass, but rather they forget there’s other people in the room sometimes)
  • i can imagine so many ways of them coming together that range from dramatic to super soft so i won’t elaborate much but i can tell you that i imagine them moving into luke’s laboratory that’s shown in detective comics with jean-paul’s cat. they turn this place into a house-slash-mad-inventor-workshop.
  • i actually don’t know much about jean paul T_T but i know that he used to have a cool dynamic with cassandra pre52 and now he works with harper in the clinic with leslie so i imagine those two will drop visit a lot and mostly to play with jean paul’s cat (and also steph since those three are, well a trio) and test luke’s cool stuff (the kid proofed ones)
  • so. much. domesticity. as in jean paul brings luke coffee when he’s up working until late and puts a blanket over him or carries him to bed when he passes out at the lab. as in luke cuddles jean paul when he’s so absorbed in a book that he won’t move or visits him at the clinic every time he’s there to bring him lunch from his favorite place.
  • also really protective of each other but tbh jean paul is the one that’s the worst when it comes to this. they both get told off by both bruce and kate.
  • jean paul will literally never stop calling luke lucas and luke? thoroughly charmed. meanwhile luke calls jean paul, well, jean paul, and he’s the most affectionate of the two. they’re both ok with pda but it’s usually just holding hands because hey luke can be professional! plus jean paul is a really private person.
  • luke and tim: nerding out
    jean paul, internally: god. he’s so smart. i love him so much. that’s it that’s my thought. luke fox fanclub #1 member
    somewhere out there tam fox’s eye twitches with her luke fox fanclub founder shirt.

maybe i’ll add more later because rn i gtg nap! but like… these are some of them asdfasdf i hope you like them