Hmmm… didn’t thought about posting it, until my friend said it^^” (ok, maybe I thought but soon give up on this idea… well, sounds like me XD)This dude from my background is my beloved OC from mmorpg AION~ His name is Leuris and, as you can see, he is Asmodian X’D
Let me say something about him~
Always calm, sometimes harsh, but he can never let his friends down. Even if he dosn’t look, he is pretty good at listening. Empathic in his cool way. His one and only love is Asmodae - he will protect  it at any costs. Extremly loyal twards Lord Azphel, proudly walking in his shadow as Ranger.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity - Lore

I remembered that a few people have asked for the context of the lore surrounding 5.0, so here you go:

After the events of Drakenspire Depths (4.8), Ereshkigal’s seal has began to weakened and her immense power can be felt; so strong that it has reshaped the Abyss entirely (4.9). 

Unfortunately, this power has not been kept in check, and it has started to affected other parts of Atreia, namely, the shattered Tower of Eternity. At the same time, the enchantment that Siel had placed over a thousand years ago has caught up with time, and hence, is starting to weaken naturally.

(also, the reason both the new zones are so beautiful is due to Siel’s enchantment. She had sealed the Tower of Eternity and it’s surrounding areas in time, and it had retained the appearance of how Atreia used to look like a long time ago)

In a twisted revelation, both Azphel and Ariel realized that the dissipating of the enchantment Siel had placed was like a virus, which would eventually consume the Tower of Eternity at both ends, jeopardizing both their lands.

In a desperate bid of war and survival, both factions have set out to ensure that ONLY their end of the Tower of Eternity remains while the other is destroyed. At the same time, both factions also realized that their Towers have secrets to be unlocked (High Daeva), as well as providing a tactical edge (rifts).

All in all, it’s not leading to a pretty ending despite the rather serene environment of the new zones.


Ever since I saw those tiny pictures of the Empyrean Lords, I have been smitten; particularly these three.

Nezekan would be this stoic, strict and probably a shy gentleman. He’s not good at being a “bad boy” since he’s only good at following rules.

Azphel is egoistical, very firm but yet in the background, he act goofy (but only around people he’s comfortable with).

I was surprised at Zikel’s picture, didn’t seem to fit the whole lord-of-destruction theme going on. A very sore, arrogant loner who’s on extreme loggerheads with Nezekan.

Just some blah doodles on the three based on the references provided by Aion KR.

Guys.. the other day at dinner my boyfriend and I were talking about 4.0 and the Beritra plot.

My boyf suggests that we somehow get a time machine and travel back to the Tower of Eternity when the meeting with the Balaur is taking place.

And that when Azphel sneaks up behind Beritra and draws his sword, Beritra turns and grabs Azphel’s arm.

THEN someone pushes their heads together and they…kiss.




I spend too much time pretending to push the heads of two male protagonists together (e.g. Sherlock) and now I’ve rubbed off on him…


Surprisingly, NC has made a very light exit on the final events.

Another hide-and-seek event with the GMs, whereby you have to locate them and buy a gift box from their store. Unlike Ariel’s event, this time the faction specific GMs will swap spawn locations. The elyos GM will spawn in Katalam whereas the asmodian GM will spawn in Danaria. There will also be up to 18 winners; per faction, per server.

The reward is basically - a free pizza meal (lol) sponsored by Mr. Pizza, a very well known pizza chain in South Korea.

With Azphel, that marks the last of the 5th Daeva’s Day Anniversary events~


Q: Hey, where have you gone?

R: * mumbles *
Blades of Azzinoth from Illidan stole, broke Garrosh’s face …
so … Alduin killed. It would be necessary to board a couple of legendary ships. Was at E3 at the Earth. Hugged my best friend Bel. The whole year was not on Eridan.

Maybe I should reply to my blog?

No, some nonsense. Oh, forgot to do Xuen cloak!

Aion 30 Day Challenge - Your first character

My first character would be my gladiator, Aellia, back on good ol’ Azphel.

Let’s just say that glad is not for me… wasn’t a fan of having to tank and back then everybody was a gladiator or so it seemed =.=! Was definitely hard to find groups back then. I managed to level to 50 and then almost immediately started leveling my sorc instead. Good times.


Another year has come to it’s end…best things that happen to me in it was meeting my love…I am very happy with him…I am glad I felt better this evening…my love came to my house and we spent a lovely New Year’s eve together…we drank, we danced…and then he invited me for a walk and flight around Altgard Fortress…my home town…he knows it is my favorite place in Asmodae…and then he did something wonderful…he propose to me….and I said “Yes”-of course !…then we watched New Year’s fireworks blowing in the air together…It was the most magical evening in my life…and a great beginning of this New Year…I am happy…and this is all that’s matters now…