The current project I am working on in my creative world. Its a 56x56x60 area. The pyrimid in the middle is going to be 55x55. I got ¾ of the symbols done (The final one might be the trickiest, maybe.)

This is basically all the Magic: The Gathering guilds that share the Blue aspect. Which also happens that ¾ of them are Guilds me and my friends are in.

An owner of a server I recently found was interested in seeing these, which is the main reason i posted this up (Haha, you can see my previous sprites in the background).


It has been awhile but we are back and managed to film a round of standard between a variant of Big Boros aggro taking on Blue devotion splashing white. We got some knew recording equipment so we should be posting videos more frequently. Round 2 should be up relatively soon.

Best girlfriend ever? I think yes. She doesn’t even play the game, but got me some sweet stuff, one of which was my favorite planeswalker (both character and card) :D
Those little tokens are Detain and Unleash counters respectively, and she knew I’m a Rakdos, and got me a Rakdos keychain as well :DDD <3
Oh and a bunch of candy XD
I’m sad I couldn’t give her her present today, but it will be there soon! (Late Christmas gifts - couldn’t visit over break)

Magic. My best deck I have. Only deck actually. Pretty attached to white/blue. Too excited for the gate crashers pre release! Why does it have to be so far away ;-; (Only January but still!!) GAAH. So confused about what guild I shall choose and if I will stick to what I have. I’m getting pretty damn good. Almost came 2nd last week at Friday Night Magic. Work is going to hold me back for a few weeks, which sucks. But then work equals more money to spend on magic cards. Such a beautiful cycle ahahah!

  • Rakdos:Whoo! Yeah! My chaos! My carnage! My guild!
  • Dimir:I don't understand you. Why shout and scream when a short whisper and a smile hold so much power?
  • Rakdos:F**k you, that why.
  • Boros, Selesnya, Azorious, and Orzhov:LANGUAGE.
Ceral Redd, Storm Caller

Plane of Origin: Valla

First planeswalk: Ravnica

Colors: Red/Blue/Black


Light on his feet and quick of mind, Ceral uses his magic for flash and show to discourage others from picking a fight with him. Blue/violet eyes tend to stick with the people who would otherwise pass by him.

Hailing from the violent and storm ridden plane of Valla, Ceral is adept at aiming the fury of the sky away from himself. Like most children, after the Immersturm, he was an orphan and has never had a home. His first Walk being to Ravnica, he spent a few months working with Izzet mages on projects involved with lighting but, becoming homesick, he soon started joining in the festivals of Rakdos where he took a liking to causing havoc. After getting carried away during his fourth “party” he hung around a bit too late to watch the aftermath of ground level thunderstorm and got snagged by the Azorious. Rather than be imprisoned on Ravnica, Ceral left the plane out of his cell and wound up in the mountains of Kaldheim. Used to only seeing fire and lightning rain from the sky, the blizzard confused him and gave him drive to master the use of cryomancy. After 3 years of study and reining in his harsher tendencies, he achieved a level of competence in the field giving him a triad of pyromancy, electromancy and cryomancy which he worked into a small amount of mind magic he used to break his foes when they pushed him to far.

Preferring to now hide his comings and goings with a blizzard, Ceral spends his days studying the weather of different planes while using the occasional bar brawl to hide the extraction of information from burned or charged bodies he leaves behind. He searches for the perfect storm, unsure of the rumors of both Alara and Iquatana he hears from those who also walk the Blind Eternities. His perfect storm must rival Immersturm or even dwarf it, only then will he try to tame the skies of his home.

Preferred form of Magic: Anything weather based. Lightning is his first choice for offense, using fire and ice for defense. Knows enough wind magic to fly.

Strengths: Due to his habit of chasing any new storm he finds, Ceral has a high endurance. His elemental magics let him counter and redirect spells other mages would send at him, while he uses their confusion to escape.

When he finds a source of information, a library or observatory, he gets very dedicated to finding out everything he can about what the residents of a plane already know. It keeps him busy and lets him enjoy the pleasure of reading another’s point of view.

Flaws: When he finds a storm of unmatched strength on a plane he gets a bit obsessed, spending as much time as possible following and studying it. So much so that if his unusually high endurance fails him, he will use raw lightning to keep himself awake and motivated. The longest Ceral has gone fueled by only electrical outbursts is two weeks, in which he collapsed on the side of a road for three days and was woken up only by hunger and thirst.

It’s been tamed since he learned cryomancy but, Ceral is prone to the occasional fit of rage. He will lash out at anything in the immediate area with his fists, usually cloaked in fire or lightning.

Trivia: His race is unknown as the little mind magic he knows goes towards hiding his trail. Most will claim he’s the same race as them but the only stable trait that follows him throughout the Multiverse is the color of his eyes.

Ceral is also terrified of treefolk, having once been thrown halfway across a forest after relieving himself on what seemed like a regular tree.

*note this is Tibalt-the-Fineblooded*