azone picco neemo

City at midnight

Yeah, it’s kinda overkill. I had a helluva lot of fun making this, though :D The quality isn’t fantastic (I had to wait till it was pitch black and it was hard to illuminate Ymir properly, so some details got washed out), but it’s still one of my favourite photos in a long, long time.

For science! I popped one of the 6mm joints together to try them in the wrists.
Hobby base replacement on the left, Azone original on the right.
They are a bit large, but if your peg is lost or broken they will save you from needing a new doll at least. You get three in each size in the package so you can easily replace both for symmetry and have an extra just in case!


Made a couple more eyelet trim skirts for Navi, and a lace skirt, and an accidental corset top. Also finished up a velvet skirt I started last year with some mixed seed beads I had lying around.

And most importantly I finally did the magnet mod on Navi’s head cap! It gaps a little in front but that’s actually no different from before to be honest. (I think Elfdoll kinda bungled the head caps for their fairy dolls.) Anyway, now I can make her some new wigs! And I really need to, because I’ve misplaced one of the wigs I made for her earlier and the other one has shrunk and doesn’t fit anymore! I wish I could remember what I used to stiffen that wig cap, so I could make sure not to use it again…


While I was looking through my lace to make those curtains I ended up pulling out all the eyelet lace/trim I have and started making some clothes for Navi. I thought I was done with this but then I got the idea to bead the eyelets on her smock top and now I know I’m gonna spend the rest of the day doing that, lol.

(Still need to mod her head cap to fit/have magnets. I really just gotta sit down and do that soon. Then she’ll need more wigs and a new faceup…)