So as I was doodling, I was thinking about what to draw. And it hit me. I should draw children sleeping. I think it’s so cute when mangas show main characters in their younger days. The drawing has a story behind it (which I thought up as I was drawing and as I am typing right now, haha). It’s pretty cliche, though, so I’m not gonna share. Anyways, I’ll probably draw their older versions later this weekend.



Welcome to my Tumblr! Since my birthday is two days from now, I got a Bamboo Fun: Pen & Touch. Next summer, I will probably create a new blog that focuses on only doodles, drawings, etc. As for now, DEAL WITH MY REBLOGS AND THOUGHTS. 

Well, my name is Sisi. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in two days, so wish me a “happy birthday”. I enjoy listening to Youtube singers instead of mainstream singers, but I’m not saying I don’t like mainstream music. I’m not a hater. I like what I like. Currently, I am a Sophomore at my high school, lol. I play tennis for my school. I collect manga and I like to draw. That’s about it! 

As for the type of doodles or drawings I’ll post up, I’m not sure yet. I think I’ll do a variety on my free time. I can’t wait until Christmas break! >__<)“~~