azn me


bitch i’m so sick & tired of seeing white girls on my feed doing yellowface and tryna look asian. like they’ll do their makeup a certain way in order to make their eyes appear more slanted and try to emulate a kawaii, eepuh look like no bitch i spent way too many years in self-hatred because of eurocentric ideals of beauty. yall were the same bitches complaining that yall looked “too asian” when you smiled for photos. so sit down and stop tryna cop my culture just because yours has shitty, underseasoned food so here i did you culture vultures a fucking favor and took some selfies to remind yall that you will NEVER, EVER be yellow like me. AZN PRIDE

Watercolor: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Review

The 2nd part of The Boy’s birthday gift to me was a box of 24 Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors from @artyanimalmnl on instagram. These behave slightly differently from traditional watercolors because they are originally meant for traditional Japanese paintings and their dense, smooth look such as sumi-e or etegami painting, with traditional Eastern color choices (a lot of red, a lot of green). This post is my review of these wonderful, unique paints which I think are part of the best birthday gift ever. :)

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