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How Can I Make a Feeling Stop?-Christopher Camcam//Part 3

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Just from the way he talked,it was obviously Toph.Instead of facing him,I grabbed my things and left quickly.I don’t think I can handle this.What if he heard the whole thing?Would he still think of me as his best friend?I heard someone call my name from behind.

“Anne!!Anne!Anne wait!” Toph said running,Should I stop? Should I go ahead and run again just to avoid confrontation? What if Cheska popped out again? I didn’t realize I stopped for a bit.A bit long enough for Toph to grab me by the arm.It would be impossible to escape his grip because he compared to me is like a giraffe with a hamster.Me being hamster of course.

“Anne! What are you doing?Why are you running away from me?What did you mean on what you said earlier at our secret place??” he said,his hands clutching my arms.

“You wanna know why?I can’t stand seeing you with another girl.It hurts so much to know that that girl would never be me.‘Cause I’m always the best friend.Remember the time when we were talking on how to make Cheska fall in love with you? I wished I was Cheska.Then it came true.I don’t want to sulk at your happiness.Even though I am.I knew falling in love with you would be no big thing for you.If you knew,I would just be a hindrance on your dream relationship with Cheska.”

“I broke up with Cheska,Anne.” he said sadly.

“Oh my god.I-I’m so sorry.I didn’t mean to.I–” he stopped me.

“None of this is your fault Anne.I  didn’t feel as giddy as I was when I,we talked about her.It seemed I had to act in a specific way for her to like me.But when I’m with you,I can be myself.I have fun when I’m with you.You accepted me for who I am;the normal,video-game loving,Toph,not the national team goalkeeper one unlike Cheska did.Oh yeah,have you ever wondered what was the letter I was writing?” he asked me.

“Duh,a letter for Cheska?It’s too obvious.” I tolf him.He shook his head in reply.

“It was a letter for the girl I truly loved.Hoping for her to be my girlfriend”,he told me,handing me a folded piece of paper,“here read it”.

I opened the letter and from the looks of it,it’s very very sweet–a side of Toph I once longed for.But here I am,reading a letter for his future girlfriend.He could be either asking me if it’s okay or *GULP* is for me.

  Dear Anne,

      I know you wanted to know the contents of this letter.Well here it is.I wanted to tell you before that I had feelings for you.A more deeper feeling besides our being best-friends.I don’t know how your reaction will be.Judging by the way I know you,you’d look at me weirdly as if I were joking but I’m not,this time.When we were still kids,I told you my dream to be with Cheska.When it did,it turned sour.Hey,no one can splash you a drink except for me! Kidding! Anyway,I hope I’m not rushing things but would you be my girlfriend-slash-best-friend-slash-prom-date?


“Hmm,let me think…No way!you missed our marathon!” I said jokingly.He looked down,the way he does when he’s disappointed.

“But since maybe they’ll re-run,I say yes.” I added.You should’ve seen the look on his face! He carried me off my feet and we–kissed for a short time.

“I love you.” He said.

“Same here..Kidding!! I love you too"I joked.He put me down on the ground and it started raining again.He curtsied and held out his hand

"May I have this dance?" 

"Why not?Haha!" 

And we danced together in the rain.

A BORAmance:Part 2

Sticky Note: Hi! It’s me again! Sorry if it’s quite long! I figured if I broke out into parts, Part 3 might not be that good. And once again,I apologize for the lack of kilig-moments,grammar and spelling mistakes.Enjoy =)


“hey,you two lovebirds wake up!” I heard someone tugging on my shoulder.

“Huh?what?” I said,groggily.

“Ow!” Patrick said while holding his head. I might have bumped it when I suddenly raised my head. But wait,so then did it mean? no! no!

I almost shrieked in horror when I found out that I accidentaly rested my head on my summer-enemy,Patrick Hinrichsen.Way to go Mocha! Go figure!

“You two looked so sweet!” Yannick said

“Yeah,with your head on his shoulder and his head on yours!” Sarah gushed like a 5-year old.

“I was about to say the same thing too!” Yannick said with his eyes directed to Sarah.

“We shouldn’t have woke them up. Bad idea.” Toph told me and Patrick,still seating.

“I totally agree!Come on Mocha! Are you planning to sit in this plane with Pat?” Ashley added

“I have no intentions whatsoever! And what happened earlier was an accident.I didn’t mean to do it on purpose.” I said with an irritated tone.

“Yeah,whatevs!” Sarah told me with her hands in front of my face.

I grabbed my bag and went walking down the runway of the airplane. I looked behind and saw Sarah and Ashley giggling and talking with Toph and Yannick. Possible future relationship? Check! Me being left out? BINGO! I think it took me 10 minutes waiting for these girls. When we finally caught up with each other,I asked them a question:

“Did you guys develop some kind of in-flight relationship between Yannick and Toph?” I asked them curiously

“We’ll tell you later at the hotel.Promise.Every speck of detail.” Sarah told with an assuring look.

“So does that mean it’s a yes?” I asked

“Mocha,why you kulit? Must be because of the sleep you got from Patrick-the-pillow!” Ashley joked.

“Haha.Very funny guys.Can you like not bring this up? It’s not like I like him or something.Besides, I treat him like an enemy.Understand?” I told them.

“sus!Enemy pala tapos boyfriend mo na?” Sarah added.

They went on teasing and teasing me until we reached the hotel. I “threw” my baggage and jumped for the comfy beds.

“okay,so spill it.Are you guys like you know?.” I told them,still lying in bed.

“As in boyfriend? No way Mocha! We’re still budding friends.They’re so super nice.Especially  Toph.So far we just exchanged digits so if ever a party comes along,we can bond and get to know more of each other.What’s going on with you and Patrick?He’s nice naman di ba? Shouldn’t you like say thank you for letting you sleep on his shoulder?Let loose Mocha.Not every guy is gonna leave you hanging on thread. Cut the guy some slack,okay?” Sarah explained.

“So um,speaking of party,you guys wanna go to the beach tonight?” Ashley told us while texting on her phone.

“How did you find out? We just arrived like an hour ago?” I said with a puzzled face.

“Yannick texted me.It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Plus it’s exclusive for the guests in the hotel.” Ashley added

“Yeah we should go,Toph texted me too. It’s rude if we said no.” Sarah said

“But I’m tired you guys. I don’t have anything to wear.."I said laziness creeping over me.

"Nope.No can do Mocha.Already said yes. Mocha have fun naman.Our vacation will be a waste of we just laid down on bed and stared down the bed while listening to Maroon 5. Please?” Ashley and Sarah pleaded.

“Okay fine.Just don’t make me carry you guys if you’re drunk.haha!I joked.

"Whatever just go to the party ayt?” Sarah asked me while fixing her hair.


We fixed ourselves for the party.I’m usually energetic for parties but I’m just feeling quite,sluggish. I ran from Ashley and Sarah and went to the beach.I sat down by the sand and began to “reflect” serene night sky of Bora. I thought of what Sarah told me earlier. “Not every guy is gonna leave you hanging on thread”  I just fall so easily for a guy you know? I might be stupid for saying this but I think I may actually like Patrick. You know when he smiles and his adorbs dimples shows. I began drawing his name on the sand and mine, doing FLAMES. A bit childish I think but hey, it’s all for fun. I think. 

“Hey.” I heard someone behind me. I looked and saw it was him.Patrick. I quickly kicked the sand to “erase” any evidence that I,Monica did FLAMES with his name and mine. 

“Oh,it’s you.” I said with an uninviting tone.

“I didn’t know you stayed at the same hotel.Can I sit here?" 

"Well.know you know! It’s a free country so yeah I guess.”

“It’s kind of weird not hearing you teasing me.” he said smiling


“Pwede ba? Tumigil ka naman sa kaka-smile.Matutunaw ako niyan eh.” I whispered to myself.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear a thing.Was it a good or a bad thing?”

“Well then you better learn your Filipino.”

“Let’s race.If I catch you,you’ll answer eveything I’ll ask.Deal Mocha?”

“Wait,you already know my name?” I added “Deal.I’ll race you.But if I win,you have to answer everything I ask.”

“Deal. Ready..”



I ran as fast as I can.I looked behind and I was quite impressed by the distance I ran.However,there was one problem. I can’t see Patrick.I squinted my eyes for a bit and saw there was no on there. I took a few steps back when someone tapped my shoulder. 

“Yes?” I said still looking on the other side of the beach. When I faced the person the only thing I remember is that I was “tackled” onto the sand. We rolled for quite a few times actually,laughing.We stopped and it was Patrick who tackled me. 

“You can never outrun a footballer.So I win!” he said his face a few inches away from mine.He looked into my eyes.Then I looked onto his.We were about to kiss but…

*BAM* a frisbee hit Patrick. Nice going frisbee! Way to ruin a moment. 

DId I hear what I just said? Does that mean I like-like Patrick? Hmm,possible.

“So um,anyway,what are the things you’d like to ask? Since you did win and all.” I asked fixing my shirt to avoid any signs of awkwardness during the race thing.

“Okay,so why were you so mean to me when we were at the airport? especially on the plane?" 

"Promise me you won’t be mad if I told you”

“Okay then.I won’t be mad.Promise.”

“It might be stupid if I told but I think I liked you when I first saw you from the airport. Whenever I like a guy, I just become snobby and mean and things. I just didn’t want to become like my parents.”

“What was it with your parents?” he moved a little closer to me. I felt kilig and sad at the same time.Kilig because he’s close to me and sad because I encountered my parents’ story once again.

“You see,my mom and dad got into a relationship. I mean a very young relationship. According to my mom,when she got pregnant with me, dad didn’t know what to do.Actually both of them didn’t know what to do,so dad left mom

with me still in her tummy. She was forced to raise me all by herself.She was scared to go to my grandmother because she’s afraid that she’d be rejected by her family.Gramma wasn’t used to it at first but as time went by,she got okay with it. Sorry for the long story.” I said feeling kind of relieved as if a boulder on my shoulders lessened.

“I kind of feel overwhelmed.”

“Hmm?Why is that?”

“You know, . you let me in–even a tiny bit–into your life." 

"I don’t know. I just feel comfy when I’m talking to you.Oh yeah,sorry if I rested my head on your shoulder earlier.”

“Nah.It was okay. You can do it anytime you want.”

“Like now?haha! Kidding!”

“No seriously.I don’t know why but I kinda feel the same way too.I think I love you.If you think I’m rushing things way too much,tell me. I’d or WE’d take it a step at a time.”

“Nope.It’s the perfect time.” I rested my head on his shoulders again with his arm on my waist. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed. It was just a short kiss because we got interrupted.Sort of.

“I told you they’ll be together.” I looked from behind and saw Ashley with Yannick.Holding hands.

“Sweet! We should go guys! We ruined their moment” Sarah and Toph whispered to the other two. They left and me and Patrick laughed.

“So,what were you telling me earlier in Filipino?”

“You have to beat me in a race before I can tell you.” I said while holding out my tongue.

“But I already beat you! Cheat!” he said while laughing 

I started running once again and as expected,he outrun and tackled me. He looked into my eyes and we kissed.

This definitely is the best summer vacation ever.


A BORAmance:Part 1

Sticky Note: I know it’s a tad long or bitin-however you see it-,the storyline is messed up and yes,the kilig-factor isn’t present. Anyhoo,this is my first time writing a fanfic so please bear with the aforementioned problems above.Thank you and please do leave some comments. I would really appreciate it.Really :)

P.S. I’m clarifying some details on Part II so hopefully it turns out the way I’d like it to be. Even a teeny-tiny bit. :)


“Hey Monica,you ready for our Bora escapade?”

“Yeah sure,Ash.So where’s Sarah? Haven’t heard of her last night.”

“Oh,that’s because she’s stressing on her baggage! I told her to lessen it.We’re only there for 1 week right?”

“Yup.What time am I picking you guys up?”

“Um like now? haha! What’s the name of the hotel we’re staying in?”

“I think Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa? Mom’s a good friend of the owner so yeah,you know the story.”

“Okay then.See you!!”


After picking up Ashley and Sarah,we headed to the airport and told our driver to say goodbye to mom for me.

“Okay,since we are going to Bora and everything,I have a feeling Mocha will maybe finally have a boyfriend!” Ashley exclaimed

“Boyfriend? This sourpuss? Hah! You’re kidding me right?” Sarah added

“True that! Not even a "summer fling” would come close.Nothing.Just purely vacation.“ I said

We were laughing loudly and patiently waiting in line when 3 boys-wait,let me clarify-3 cute boys went infront of us.

"Hey!!Rude much?We were here first!” I said

“Don’t you recognize who we are hrm?You don’t well we’re the–” before he even finished,Ashley cut him off.

“NO FRIKING WAY! YOU’RE THE AZKALS RIGHT?” Ashley and Sarah said obviously head over heels,or in this case,slippers.

“So?Azkals or whatnot,they still can’t cut in line?right?right?” I said but looked like was talking to absolutely no one.

“Thank you sir.Here are your tickets.” the lady in the check-in counter said.

“What? But you can’t let that happen?!?” I said obviously confused.

“Well,it did.See you ladies!” the one with the cute German accent told us.

“Hold it Monica.Just take a chillpill. Did you see Toph? and Yannick? they were so cute!” Ashley squealed

“Don’t forget Monica’s lovey-dovey,Patrick!” Sarah added.

“Lovey-dovey?What a show-off! Whatever! Ugh. Why did I even agree to go to Bora?” I said,facepalming.

“Um,to take a vacation? Duh! Besides, we’ll have the time of our lives in Bora. Enjoy it will you? I bet the frequent abs parade would easily take your mind off that incident! By the way Sarah, did you see Yannick smile at me?” Ashley gushed.

And they went on like that for 10 minutes. If it weren’t for Ashley and Sarah,I would have punched them.Especially the German one,Patrick.Even if he was super-duper cute. So after a lot of waiting and questions, we were ready to board the plane! As I searched for my seat,15A,my happiness was cut short.


“You again?  I said in disbelief,finding out Patrick is actually my seatmate.Great! 

"What do you mean me again?It’s not like you missed me or something.Unless you did?” He said,chuckling.

“Why you —” I was tapped on the shoulder by the stewardess

“Maam,is there a problem?Please do take your seat,the aircraft will take-off in a few minutes.” she advised me as if I was an annoying 5-year old.

As I sat down in my seat, I took out my ipod and went to sleep.By the time I wake up,the lovely air of Bora would welcome us. I do hope I won’t run into these Azkals. Fine,I admit,they were cute. WAIT,what? uh,nevermind. For all I know,all I can think about now is Bora,Bora,Bora zzzzzz…

                                       ______End of Part I______