On August 20th, Azkaban prison experienced a breakout resulting in the escape of seventeen prisoners and the death of three guards. The Auror’s Office is still in search for the escapees as they work further to close their investigation. Although the full description of the event shall remain unknown to the general public, Harry Potter, head of the department, has sat down with us and provided us with news on their findings.

According to reports at around noon on Saturday morning a guard, who’s name will not be disclosed at this time, working inside the prison turned his wand on two of his co-workers, killing them on the spot. From there he then proceeded to work his way towards the high security ward to free the majority of its occupants before murdering the final guard on duty. Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow, and Antonin Dolohov, known for their loyalty to Lord Voldemort in the war and their torment against both muggles and muggleborns, were among those said to have been released. By the time aurors reported to the scene the suspects had escaped.

When sitting down with one of the aurors, John Dawlish, he had this to say: “Now, I’ve been to Azkaban about a dozen times working in my line of duty and never had I walked in and expected to see what I had. Prisoners are sent there for a reason, it’s a punishment and it’s meant to be hell. But the other day, well, I’ve never seen that place more alive. Prisoners were shouting and rattling their cages. Something like that, it’s terrifying and it needs to be stomped out.”

The Ministry of Magic has certainly agreed with Dawlish’s statement and in the time following the breakout has worked to increase security. Minister Sturgis Marchbanks is set to release a press in the days to come. In the time being he asks for the community to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity or possible threats.


I know the TARDIS can do amazing things… take you to “magical” places…


Never knew The Doctor went to Hogwarts… was in Harry Potter… WOW!!!

Unfortunately it looks like The Doctor has been hanging out with The Master and Miley Cyrus for too long… getting himself into trouble and unable to keep his tongue in his mouth… lol :P

He’ll just use his Sonic Screwdriver to escape Azkaban…

You know, I love JK Rowling for writing Harry Potter but I lowkey hate her because she decided to kill Dobby, Dumbledore, Sirius and Fred but Umbridge didn’t die and there’s no other fictional character that I hate more than her