• Umbridge: Boys and girls are not permitted to stand within eight inches of eachother!
  • *Gay Wizard laughter*

Endless list of movies that have won my heart ♥
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)Mysterious thing, time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous. Sirius Black is in the topmost cell of the dark tower. You know the laws, Miss Granger. You must not be seen, and you would do well, I feel, to return before this last chime. If not, the consequences are too ghastly to discuss. If you succeed tonight, more than one innocent life may be spared.

  • Draco: there's a big sale going on right now
  • Harry: really, where?
  • Draco: in my room. Clothes are 100% off *winks*

I promised to do a timelapse of Harry, I also added some quotes from each part, so it makes a bit more sense, because the drawing are pretty old and I didn’t really want to share them.But the work’s done and I thought I’d share this anyways.

  • Draco: *exists*
  • Harry: hE's FuCKiNg uP To SomEThInG!!

After all this time?


Do you sometimes go and watch Prisioner of Azkaban just to remember that Severus Snape, a person who has every reason to fear werewolves, put himself as a living barrier between one and the three kids he was supposed to hate? Because I think about that a lot.

  • Draco: *is at home, alone with all the lights out*
  • Phone: *rings*
  • Draco: hello?
  • Person on phone: I can see you
  • Draco: how does my hair look?
I solemnely swear that I’m up to no good.
—  Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban (2004)
If Padfoot and Moony dated...
  • <p> <b>Sirius:</b> Moonyyyyyy<p/><b>Remus:</b> Yes, Padfoot?<p/><b>Sirius:</b> Can we have pizza tonight?<p/><b>Remus:</b> We had pizza the night before last Padfoot, perhaps we should wait until---<p/><b>Sirius:</b> I'VE DONE MY WAITING! TWELVE YEARS OF IT- IN AZKABAN!<p/><b>Remus *hurriedly searching for a takeout menu*:</b> Do you want stuffed crust?<p/></p>