aziz cucher

Contextual- Aziz Cucher

An inventory of a bizarre skin growth, DYSTOPIA, seems to document a pathology. It seems clear that at some level this pathology is not only dermatological, but cultural, commenting, perhaps, on the gradual but waxing loss of identity and the means of communication in a technological environment that promotes anonymity and conformity.

Anthony Aziz and Samuel Cucher came together to create a series of humans without facial features, they were identifying a lose of identity through it.

Image 1- This image is somewhat creepy in just how much it proves. A strong loss of identity is present in that you feel as if you know nothing about them and you cant begin to understand anything. The use of editing is incredible for its time, but if a professional re did this in 2014 it would create a sharper more realistic image  as with the use of skin tone and removing the slightly fuzzy feel where the features have been removed.