Master of None

I recently started watching a show called “Master of None” featuring Azis Ansari as the main character, this show is very progressive when it comes to representation. Not only is he a brown person in a lead, in the show her portrays a funny, positive, sandy and non stereotyped guy who’s even an actor (a job that Indians don’t have on tv) and in the 4th episode he even talks about Indians on tv and how they’re belittled as side characters with no depth and a heavy accents, and they’re usually the liquor store clerk, the IT guy or the taxi cab driver. And he addresses the question, “why can’t Indian guys play the roles that Bradley cooper plays?” And the best part it that the show has a lot of minority characters and they talk about the lack of minority characters, and the shows existence is an active protest against the over population of white people in mainstream media. It’s just a very great show that just happened to address the topic of my blog and is super funny!