Good Omens headcanon~

Aziraphale and Crowley keep up on current events, primarily because it’s their job, but they have certain areas of interest. If they watch a news broadcast together, Crowley will focus on politics (corrupt), business (unethical), and crime, because he never knows when he’ll need some details to fill out a report to the Home Office. He is interested in human psychology and likes to know ‘Why.’ Aziraphale likes the special features on science discoveries and really gets into the weather forecast (sometimes talking back and offering his own analysis). He is fascinated by human research about the Earth and Creation and ‘How’ things work.

Neither has an appreciation for sports, although Crowley pays attention to the betting lines and Aziraphale will listen to accounts of exemplary achievement like setting records.

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“And who the hell are you”

“Crowley,  King of Hell. Just a small job,  heard of it?”“You have got to be kidding me”____________________“Is yours confrontational too? ”“He is not my demon , aziraphale. I have no clue as to why I am here in the first place”

I always thought it’d be interesting if these two met.  They’d probably fight over who gets to keep the name and spn!crowley would probably pull rank  telling him his is king while GO!Crowley would keep saying he doesn’t give two shits who he is,  he’s taller. They’re perfect for each other really.  Each has an angel,  and both helped stop the apocalypse. They should all start a club