The 34th Hunger Games took place in an arena that was a combination of a jungle and forest with an ocean. It had very rocky terrain in between with caves and cliffs that often dropped either from a few feet to a few hundred feet. Pash Cursor was the female tribute from District Four. She’s trained to use just about every weapon and was quick. She didn’t join the Career Pack like most Careers, and that made her a target. She trekked through the arena alone until she met Declan from District Nine. The two became allies, as well as crushes. Before the feast, Declan was injured by the Careers and unable to use his bow and arrow. A sponsor sent Pash a gift: explosive arrows. During the Feast, Pash and Declan were ambushed by Careers, but Pash was able to take down two of them. Declan was killed and Pash nearly lost her mind. Later on, Pash befriended the girl from Six and became temporary allies until Caedis from Two killed her. Being the two left, it was a showdown the Capitol had been waiting for. Pash jumped off a cliff and the fight continued on a shore of a beach. Pash and Caedis were attacked by rainbow fish mutts as well as fighting each other. In the end, Pash used her explosive arrows and killed Caedis, making her the Victor.

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Inspired by Peetaismyhero