azi... things

I did this quite a while back (just like all my oc stuff)
Hhh it’s even in my older stylee
Hhh don’t ask me how a 1 or 2 year old is speaking correctly
It’s magicccc

As per an anon request, a little something from an AU I can’t remember the name of but basically consists of both brothers getting stuck inside the portal and Ford putting a blindfold around Stan to prevent him from going mad at the sight of the other side like Fiddleford while also fighting scary monsters and trying to find a way out.

I haven’t seen much of the AU itself except some pieces here and there, but I really feel like it would be hard to convince Stanley to keep a blindfold on, especially when he knows there’s a fight.

Finally off work and can knock out some more requests! But before that, I made this because I was just feeling all squishy and happy about my awesome followers here on tumblr.

By the way I have a few of them already done but I can’t respond to asks on mobile with the pictures attached so I’m just having to wait until I get home.