azi art

HAPPY BDAY @undertale !! (Shush I know it was yesterday)

It’s been two years since that game came out, and I can say that it heavily influenced my life - I wouldn’t be here without it! And I wouldn’t know some of my amazing friends, such as @azy-arty @unu-nunu-art and @lyoth737 !!!

This game reminded me what my dreams were (becoming a game developer) and it’s fandom gave me a ton of inspiration and a ton of new ideas and goals - so thank you very much! Since I joined that fandom so much has changed for me.

Also a huge thanks to all my (800+) followers. You are a great support, especially people like @derpgreen and @nxsuper and all the other people who left me kind messages in my inbox over the past.


OKAY SO IT’S NOWHERE NEAR HALLOWEEN BUT I HAD A SUDDEN THOUGHT AZI COULD BE A LIL SHADOW CREATURE- like you know how sometimes at night you feel like you’re being watched and it’s from the corner of your room? yEAH,THAT’S WHAT HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE- ppff

Okay This is not how he actually will look, he makes himself tall like that to be more creepy, he actually looks like this-


Halloween Virus: @crowfry