Non-binary Therizinosaur (“You can only be a herbivorous sauropod or a carnivorous theropod! That’s how it works.”), genderqueer Apatosaurus, asexual Quetzalcoatlus (”You’ve got to be attracted to someone” #batfacts), pansexual Utahraptor (THE MIGHTY GLOWRAPTOR), agender Dakosaurus and trans Kulindadromeus.

To all who see this, I apologize for my inferior floofing capabilities.

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s LGBT dinosaurs meme.
Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying animal of all time
Quetzalcoatlus dominated the skies of North America at the end of the Dinosaur Age and flew high over such famous creatures as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. As tall as a giraffe, the biggest Quetzalcoatlus species were also the largest of all flying creatures. They were the ultimate in pterosaur evolution.

Quetzalcoatlus, the biggest animal ever to take to the wing, was the ultimate pterosaur. This powerful, lightly built predator could cross continents with a few flaps. 

Image credit: @paleoart

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I know that pterosaurs aren't actually dinosaurs, at least, I think they aren't... but I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could find information about quetzalcoatlus? If that's its name? The giant giraffe pelicans with 4 legs. I really like them but it seems like it's more of a general name or something, there seems to be a lot of name for these guys out there. I know it's not a true dinosaur, but I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with them? Thanks so much!

“Giant giraffe pelicans with 4 legs” 


Here’s the wikipedia :) They were a real animal! And terrifyingly huge! Azhdarchids, man. 

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Would giant pterosaurs hunt from the air like Birds of Prey today or would they be ground hunters?

It’s thought that azhdarchids were ground hunters, and as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any large pterosaurs that could hunt from the air. It’s possible pterandontoids could, but it’s very speculative. Smaller pterosaurs could though, such as anuroganthids and those that dip-fed for fish.

 Re-watching Beast Wars again (for the umpteenth time), and I can’t help but imagine what it’d be like if Dinobot’s beast mode was up to date and coming up with a few head canons based on it. 

- For starters, FEATHERS! Covered in feathers. Already there’s a range of expression capabilities there. If he gets agitated, which would be a lot, feather fluff up like a freaking Ghibli character’s hair! Or even if he was cold, floooof.

-Rather than Velociraptor, I personally head canon Dinobot as either a Dakotaraptor or Utahraptor. I lean more with the former since it DID live alongside T. Rex and the raptor skeleton that was scanned in canon was in the same formation as Megatron’s so…why not? Don’t ask me about Terrorsaur’s since his was found in the same spot, I’d turn him into a different Pterosaur, maybe an Azhdarchid of some kind.

- Just in general more BIRD like mannerisms and traits instead of reptilian like most people like to imagine.(Birds ARE dinosaurs after all) For example that third eyelid membrane while in beast mode. You’ll notice in birds, therefore likely dinosaurs, they blink with that membrane instead. I can see that just weirding out Rattrap. Hell even a slight bobbing of the head as he walks, with quick, twitching head movements akin to birds.

- Also, if asleep in beast mode, either tucks his head under a wing or over his shoulder like modern birds. We already got an adorable image of him curled up like a cat in canon so imagine how cute THAT image would be.

- Wing Assisted Incline running! Which would be awesome if it led to parkour-esque transformation while chasing down his opponent.

- Or if unable to transform due to energon buildup or what have you, then a pounce and demonstration of Raptor Prey Restraint! (here’s a visual model for you) 

- Aesthetically, I think it’d be cool if in robot mode the raptor wings move to his back like Airazor’s; giving him an interesting silhouette and appearance of having a mix of demon and angel like wings with the clawed hands. Which to me sounds like an interesting visual element to show his dual Predacon and Maximal natures respectively. Again another visual aid for you. Granted this is a Transmetal design I still love it.

Anyway these are just a few of my head canons and ideas for a more accurate, feathered beast mode for Dinobot. Feel free to add in a few of your own.