These bastards took me three days to finish.

Anyway today’s, yesterday’s, and the day before that’s dinosaur fridge magnet is not a dinosaur– it’s Quetzalcoatlus. I sort of did myself in with this one as the magnet it’s based on is flying, but Quetzalcoatlus looks really cool when it’s on the ground, so I decided to draw it in both poses. This may or may not have been a mistake, but that alone can’t account for the fact that despite having very strong silhouetted and being constructed out of simple, charismatic shapes, these things were incredibly difficult for me to draw. This could also have something to do with the fact that I’ve never really drawn a pterosaur before, at least not since I was like, ten.

The offending magnet actually looks nothing like a Quetzalcoatlus (and it’s labeled as “Pterodactyl” on the box), and the only reason I think that’s even what it’s supposed to be is because it clearly follows all the incredibly inaccurate paleoart tropes that normally apply to Quetzalcoatlus– gangly legs, long, skinny wings, what was probably at one time an Aztec-inspired color scheme, and of course, the essential Azhdarchid head nubbin, which is as ubiquitous as it is confusing, because no Azhdarchid is actually known to have anything remotely like it. It’s below the cut:

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Non-binary Therizinosaur (“You can only be a herbivorous sauropod or a carnivorous theropod! That’s how it works.”), genderqueer Apatosaurus, asexual Quetzalcoatlus (”You’ve got to be attracted to someone” #batfacts), pansexual Utahraptor (THE MIGHTY GLOWRAPTOR), agender Dakosaurus and trans Kulindadromeus.

To all who see this, I apologize for my inferior floofing capabilities.

For @a-dinosaur-a-day‘s LGBT dinosaurs meme.

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Pro-Balaur point: Balaur is fascinating not only by the way it looks, but also for the environment in which it lived. Horse-sized dwarf titanosaurs? Giant, bludgeon-headed azhdarchids? An almost complete lack of other theropod dinosaurs? Mini-iguanodonts? A vote for Balaur bondoc is a vote for Hateg island as a whole!

TRUE. Hateg Island is SO WEIRD and I LOVE IT. 


Highly speculative bust of that short-necked azhdarchid~

Azhdarchids are by far my favorite prehistoric critters but the same time they make me mad for being so weird??

Like every time I think about them I immediately start insulting them in my head for being such unreal freaky abominations

like I was juts now in the middle of animating when I thought about them and suddenly smack dab in the middle of my project i find myself drawing this:


Welp, this is all I could manage in the time I had. Shame I botched yesterday, would have been nice to have more. Ah, well.

This round includes a random azhdarchid pterosaur, three baby wurrs (Morri, Surama and Hafmar), Pearl and Garnet from Steven Universe, and tropius, espeon, umbreon and mightyena.

(Tilanteesta ja mahdollisesta seuran läsnäolosta tai sen puutteesta riippuen, mie saatan piirustella lauantaina lisää. Veikkaisin että joskus kello neljän-viiden jälkeen kannattaa tulla tökkimään ja kyselemään, jos tekee mieli ehdotella piirrettäviä hahmoja, mie saatan ehkä mahollisesti kyetä tuhertamaan kuvan tai pari. Joskin kannattaa pitää mielessä, että ellei kyseessä ole omat hahmoni, kannattaa varata referenssiä mukaan.)

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I know that pterosaurs aren't actually dinosaurs, at least, I think they aren't... but I was wondering if you knew anywhere I could find information about quetzalcoatlus? If that's its name? The giant giraffe pelicans with 4 legs. I really like them but it seems like it's more of a general name or something, there seems to be a lot of name for these guys out there. I know it's not a true dinosaur, but I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with them? Thanks so much!

“Giant giraffe pelicans with 4 legs” 


Here’s the wikipedia :) They were a real animal! And terrifyingly huge! Azhdarchids, man. 

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Would giant pterosaurs hunt from the air like Birds of Prey today or would they be ground hunters?

It’s thought that azhdarchids were ground hunters, and as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any large pterosaurs that could hunt from the air. It’s possible pterandontoids could, but it’s very speculative. Smaller pterosaurs could though, such as anuroganthids and those that dip-fed for fish.