How To Take Pictures Like a True Football Player

Every football player knows that the only way to take a proper picture is by giving a thumbs up (or if you’re extra satisfied two thumbs up)

(James and Cristiano know what’s up)

the only acceptable time to not thumbs up is when you’re reading about how to do it 

The most important time to speak football is when you are transferring to a new club (the thumb is never down, because getting your picture taken without a thumbs up will lead to your thumb death)

when you’re on the pitch your thumbs are automatically in their correct positions because of the air you breathe 

Even at conferences you want to let the journalists know they’re doing a good job (but also because of you know what..)

who the hell cares if you might crash 

just don’t forget to show everyone that your car ride is good (whether you’re driving or not)

or that you landed safely

always make sure to put your thumbs in the air, especially when you’re leaving prison after you’ve been accused of assaulting your ex-gf and her mother

taking care of your injury isn’t a priority, just put the damn thumb up in the air

even if you’re in a coma or can hardly speak you can always speak football 

or if you’re Joachim make sure to let the world know that your booger came out safely and that it was delicious

Robben is quite pleased with the execution of his dive

your thumbs can also be used for celebrating the birth of a new baby (the baby will of course learn to speak football early on)

See, this kid has been trained well by his papa

the coaches have been given lessons on how to speak football too

doesn’t matter if you’re the president of FIFA

or if you’re a different kind of football player 

just force your friends to join the cult and put your thumbs in the air

sometimes, some football players rebel (these players are locked in a dungeon for 40 days and forced to wear a device that will force their thumbs up until they can’t move)

doing a thumbs down is much worse than the peace sign (nobody has heard from this guy since 2006)

sometimes you gotta put on a fake smile and just give people what they want (even if it is hurting you)

nobody cares if you’re unhappy, they only care about your thumbs

sadly, speaking football has its consequences, some players have done it so much that their thumbs are stuck in that position

FC Barcelona players enjoy a family day in PortAventura

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FC Barcelona players enjoy a family day in PortAventura


“Dear Blaugranas,
As you already know, next season I’ll be playing for the Black Eagles of the Bosfor and the time has come to bid you adieu.

I have no words to express the feelings I am having. It’s overwhelming. My gratitude is accompanied by a lot of memories, a lot of happiness and the pain of someone parting with a loved one.

Ever since I was a kid I had a dream of being a footballer, and wearing the Barça shirt culminated that dream. But you have given me much more than this.

During these 6 years, many of my teammates became friends that I’ll have for life, and whom I’ll carry with me wherever I go.

Barcelona, this marvelous city, has gifted my family our second son Azhaf, who has catalan blood running through his veins.

I will eternally be grateful to my teammates and coaches that I have had, before and now. I have learned a lot from them and they made me grow as a player and as a person.

I want to thank the President and the Club’s board of directors as well for always believing in me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of Barça’s history.

As for you, the Barça fans, you made me feel like I was home from the very first day I stepped foot at the Camp Nou. Without your unconditional support, many achievements wouldn’t have been possible. I hope I have given back a part of your immense affection!

Many times in life you cross paths again with the ones you parted with. Until then, and forever you’ll be in my heart and I’ll always feel I’m a part of the Blaugrana family.

With all my affection I’ll say: