It was a cold, gloomy night. Just like the night she was born on.
Purple strings of hair flew in front of her face, disracting her view of her home.
The home where she was raised by the monks.
She didn’t want to go back. She loved her home, and the people in it.
Cyborg, Beast Boy, Star…
and Robin.
Robin was the person she trusted the most, the one she loved.
But she had to leave- if they all died because of her, she couldn’t live with herself.
Her arms lit up with the Mark of Scath, reminding her of her destiny- her future. This is why she had to leave. Here she could he safe. Her father wouldn’t be able to reach her in this place so sacred- thats why she came here in the first place.
She walked towards the big metal doors, raising her arm to open them with her powers.
“Going somewhere?” She heard behind her. She whipped her head around, eyes glowing white, ready to attack. But there was no one there to fight off, for it was Robin.
Raven’s hair flew with the wind behind her, her beautiful pale face relaxing with Robin’s presense.
“Robin! What are you doing here? How did you find me?”
He shrugged his shoulders as a smile slid across his face. “I guess I know you too well” he said looking down.
“Robin. You must leave. You cannot be here.”
He looked into her eyes, showing truth and sadness.
“Robin. I don’t want to leave. But i put you and the team in danger if i stay.
“Raven.” He said softly, stepping foward and taking her hands in his.
“I can’t leave you. Not like this. You’re the piece of me that has been missing. That piece that is like no other. There is no one else but you who I love.”
A tear escaped Her eye and slowly fell down her face. “Robin,” she said, her voice shaking. “There is nothing more that i want than to be with you. But i cant go back.”
“I know. And you wont.”
Raven was taken aback
“Thats why I’m going with you.”
“Robin no! Its too dangerous!”
“Trigon nor Slade can get to anyone in the monastary. We’ll be safe. So will the team. We can live a happy life together. Thats all I want Raven.”
Tears were streaming down her face and she flew herself at Robin, hugging him, holding him tight.
“I love you Robin.” He pulled back.
“I love you too Raven.” He bent down and kissed Raven’s lips passionately expressing all of his love for her. All the memories of the them together flooded his mind as he kissed her. Once they drew back, they took each other’s hands and walked together to the open doors to their new life.