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Give me a 'Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.' This one's a challenge - I've been through that myself, and I'd like to see how the two compare... do your best, Ava. Congratulations on the 500.

This one’s on you. I hope you like angst and tears.

Salt in the wound.

Raven had used the saying many times before. She’d never thought much of it; just a casual way of indicating that something awful was unfortunately made worse.

For example, Robin discovering Starfire had been kidnapped was the wound; Red X being the one behind it would have been the salt. It had been serious, but nothing the team couldn’t handle, and nothing Starfire couldn’t get out of on her own.

However, when Raven was the one bearing the injury, somehow the statement took on a whole new meaning.

The tiny, royal blue, velveteen box situated before her, that was her salt.

Fascinating how something so small was capable of so much damage.

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The name Fluffy was suggested and my first thought was I want something more dark and scary. I'm literally the Anon of Fluff why do I want a scary name?Anyway... High level ghosts (Clockwork, Undergrowth)are a big part of Azerath's mythology. Raven grew up with their stories, and when she found out that Phantom beat The PARIAH DARK... there was fangirling. She still has the record for longest, greenest and brightest Danny blush. Unlike Frostbite she listened to the don't call me great one speach

Really? That’s… interesting want for a name. Now THAT is a great idea for Raven and Danny! The poor boy probably freaked out at but to Sam and Tucker because omg he has a SUPERHERO who is in awe of him and actually listens to the no chosen one rule.

No one Escapes the Snooze Cocoon.

Her body woke her up out of shear habit. The sky was just starting to light before sunup. It didn’t matter that they fell into bed only a few hours before. Raven needed her morning meditation. There was only one green little problem.




“I heard you the first time Rae”  he mumbled his eyes still shut.

They were both lying on their sides, Beast Boy was the big spoon this time an arm wrapped protectively across her chest and his body pressed closely against her back.  

“Then why didn’t you answer?”  

She felt his arm tighten around her and a kiss get pressed into her neck just below her ear “I was hoping you were going to give up and just go back to sleep”  

“Yea that sounds like me” she jabbed “Gar let me go, I need to get up”  

“Nope cuddle time” he said wrapping a leg around hers and pulling them even closer together.  

“Garfield I am serious”

“Rae so am I, you need to sleep, we were up super-hero-ing till…what?”

“4am” she stated flatly.

“You are going to go up to the roof, and start chanting, you are going to get as far as Azerath Met- and doze off. ”

Beast Boy was right she was still tired but she could feel her emotions starting to get restless.  

“Gar if I have to teleport out of this bed I will”

“aww but you’re so warm”  he whined a bit, but he eventually relented. Letting her slip out of his embrace and the bed.  

Raven Stretched and ran her hand through her hair.  She looked back to the bed to see Beast Boy pulling his pants on.  

“Gar you don’t have to get up” she yawned.

“Yea I do” he said as he pulled a T-shirt over his head. “I am going to make us tea. I am going to watch you chant, then when you fall asleep I am going to carry you back here and wrap you up so tight with me you are never going to escape our cuddly warm snooze cocoon”  

“Garfield that is not going to happen, I am really okay”

******6 hours later******

Raven woke up back in bed, the last thing she remembered was trying to find her center.  On the night stand were two mugs of tea that were stone cold.   She was laying on her back the comforter was tight round her body and Beast boy was just as tight to her laying on his side.

She turned to face him to find his bright green eyes open and wide awake and a sly smile on his face.  He pecked her nose teasingly and said “Told you so”

“Be quiet, its cuddle time” 

This is a scrap of something that I tried to write for another prompt.  I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it, but I liked it to much just to trash. So fresh eyes and now we have this. Like much of my writing much of this is based on my own relationship with my wife. So hopefully a few people like this bit of morning fluff.  

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bbrae #45

Originally posted by waterunning

Anything for senpai.

45. “You’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final.”

Nobody hated check ups more than Beast Boy. 

“Dude, I can assure you that I am one mean, lean, green machine!” He argued with Cyborg, adamant about avoiding his routine physical. 

Cyborg shook his head, “No can do, B. These are for your own good, especially since your DNA is trickier to understand than Starfire’s at times. Now get your caboose in that chair.”

Garfield groaned, making pouty eyes up at his best friend. “Come on, Cy! I’m fine! Look at me!” 

He did a twirl and a backflip with little to no effort, shouting “Ta-da!” upon a perfect landing. 

The oldest Titan gave him a condescending, unimpressed stare, folding his thick, robotic arms over his chest. “Chair. Now. Or I’ll make Raven do it for you,” Cyborg threatened in a low voice.

Knowing when he was in a losing battle, Beast Boy begrudgingly dragged himself to the medical examination chair where Cyborg hooked him up to a bunch of strange machines and monitors. He winced when the needles pricked his skin, but didn’t fuss.

Truth be told, he was mostly just scared

After all, his poor health had been the reason why he’d become who he was, and it was always a little nerve wracking to have to sit still and discover what new thing his body would decide to do without his knowledge. He could never help holding his breath, and letting out a long sigh of relief once Cyborg would confirm that all seemed to be in tip top shape.

Just about then, the medbay door opened suddenly, and Raven stepped in to greet them. Both males turned to acknowledge her unprecedented appearance with growing curiosity.

“Uh, Rae, your check up was already done…,” Cyborg commented, unsure if this old information would only upset the empath in the event she was looking for a fight.

Raven merely nodded once as she walked towards the two of them. “I’m aware of that. I’m here to observe,” she replied, leaning forward against the desk and analyzing a few of the computer screens displaying Beast Boy’s vitals. 

“Ever heard of doctor-patient confidentiality?” Beast Boy sniped, feeling even more anxious now that she was in the room. 

“If we’re going to date and sleep together, then I have a right to know who I’m getting into bed with,” she added nonchalantly, as if it was simply common knowledge.

Beast Boy’s heart rate spiked on the screen, as did his blood pressure; the machines beeping faster to match the now erratic rhythm. Visibly, his jaw had dropped as he tried to remember how to breathe again. 

Cyborg grimaced. “Woah there, even as your stand in physician, that is way too much information, Rae!”  

The empath appeared indifferent on the matter. “I need to know these things. I’d like to avoid creating any more spawn for my father’s evil deeds if I can.”

Her answer was a logical one, and it temporarily stilled both the other Titans in the room. Amethyst toned eyes fixed themselves onto the green changeling’s face, betraying no emotion.

“And I have a keen suspicion that Beast Boy’s genetics are going to work entirely against that notion,” she added, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Wha-what do you mean?” He squeaked, gulping.

“I mean, if you’re as virile as I think you are, you’re getting a vasectomy. That’s final,” Raven said in her staple, monotone inflection.

Even Cyborg had to flinch at that. 

Before Beast Boy could think to utter even a syllable of protest, Raven crossed her arms over her chest and added, “Before you complain about it, let me remind you what that means for you; lots and lots of unprotected sex. Providing that everything else checks out, too. Cyborg?”

The dark haired beauty shifted her gaze to the robot man staring back at her, wide eyed and mortified. 

He shook his head  quickly, and recalled how to move his tongue to formulate speech again. “B’s as healthy as ever, in, uh…all departments…,” he confirmed.

For the first time, Raven’s lips twitched into a small smirk. “Good.”

Satisfied with the answers she’d received, the empath made to leave the medbay without another look back.

She only paused in her step when Beast Boy called after her suddenly, “Wait!”

Raven turned and regarded him with a raised brow. 

His eyes darted to the ground, feeling uncomfortable with what he was about to ask her in front of Cyborg. However, they’d already come this far…

“Why are you so…invested in this all of a sudden, Raven?” he blushed despite himself.

“Because,” she replied, “Trigon has many, many children spanning across a dozen different universes, Beast Boy. Why do you think that is? I am, after all, my father’s daughter.”

With that, she turned on her heel and left, leaving Beast Boy to ponder the explicit implications of her words alone. 

Once the door closed behind her, Cyborg clapped an artificial hand over Garfield’s shoulder. “Man, I am so telling Robin and Starfire about this,” he snickered mischievously.

Beast Boy turned an angry green glare in his direction. “Hey! Doctor-patient confidentiality, dude!”

Azerath's Heroes

Being a dark warrior was hard but Malchior would manage. Hus mind was strong and his physiqe almost perfect. he never drank, never did drugs, never smoked. He fought everyday, kept a diet and of course lusted for his thirst for vengence to be quenched. Malchior warred with Angel Of The Haos who owned most of Azerath now. Mal couldnt handle it on his own so he needed help from old friends. The future king pulled his hood over his head as he went to the stables. “I need those two to help me” he mumbled and he rode into the enchanted forest and to the local bar to find Aistair

Misfits in Azerath||RP with crazylittlethiefgirl

Malchior woke up on the shores of Azerath’s un populated beaches off of the Aquos land of Nequatia. Malchior wore black, red and purple assassin robes with a side cloak. A katana handing loosely at his side, Knifes in holders on a studded belt. He also had his hidden blades a his wrists and a bow with arrows, his pants were grey and his boots were black giving him a gothic assassin look. He looked to his right and saw nothing

Both from hell : closed with azerath-metreon

The night started out like a normal Friday night. People were partying and out having a good time, hanging with friends and trying to forget the troubles of the week. Some people however took this time of enjoyment and saw advantage in it. On these nights, more criminals came out to find their next victim. It wasn’t without caution though. The news and paper had been obsessed with a demonic figure called ‘the ghost rider’. Few cameras caught it but people said it was a fiery skeleton that rode a motorcycle that looked like it was from hell.

The city air was shattered with a scream of terror from a woman. A mugger and rapist had targeted her and she was desperately trying to get away while the man toyed with her. The sounds of a motorcycle came closer and closer to the scene. The sound was fast approaching. Soon more screams came out but not from the woman being mugged. It was from bystanders at saw the rider coming. Soon the fiery cycle stopped at the alley way. The flaming demon stepped off, slowly walking to the man. His leather jacket was charred and his skull was burnt along with his fleshless hands. The smell of brimstone filled the air as the rider made his way closer to the mugger. Soon he grabbed the mans jacket and threw him against the wall, clenching him tightly. “Guilty…” It uttered out of its mouth. The woman grabbed her things and ran off, crying


In The End

It was a normal winters day. Malchior got up early which was new for him to get an letters that came in. Birthday cards from his auntie, friends and his brother and sister who were in Azerath. It was nearing the 16th of December and it was the first Christmas and Birthday Mal would spend with his friends, sister, auntie and girlfriend. The 25 year old dragon sighed and scrached his chin before reading a different letter from. Caleo? The prince of fire. His blue eyes widened in fear and shock before he knocked on his sisters door. “Twyla wake up”

My Tribe (like family):

“Can’t be your best self until you find your tribe. I’m still looking for mine.”

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Admire From Afar (you intimidate me but pls love me):

"Somethin’ was callin’ to me. It was you.”

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Come, Weary Traveler (we should rp if we haven't):

Stay. Stay for dinner.”

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