azealia banks no problems


Azealia Banks practiced her religion
Azealia Banks has a right to her own craft
Azealia Banks was not wrong for conducting animal sacrifice
Azealia Banks was wrong for exploiting it.
For taking a video of the blood and feathers.
For saying “real witches do real things”
For being vague rather than informational.
Wiccans, you’re not helping by spreading misinformation about “witchcraft is all about love n not hurting animals!”
Wicca is not the only religion that has witchcraft.
We all need to accept that her craft is not the problem. Misinformation is the problem.


in other news, azealia banks has now resorted to being blatantly racist and arguing with 14 year olds who are more articulate and together than she will ever be

Iggy: White girl that raps and is well educated in black culture. Raps in a Southern accent and is mentored by the king of the south T.I. aka Tip <– still being scolded for hardly any proper reasons

Azealia Banks: Made tons of homophobic and racist remarks, made fun of Lily Allens miscarriage, fem shamed A$AP Rocky’s old life style, said the 30 women enjoyed being raped by Bill Cosby, <— and more but thanks to tumblr twinks she got away free

Justin Bieber: Remixed his song “One less lonely girl” and said “one less lonely n—-r” and confessed to wanting to lynch black little girls. <– the Urban community didn’t make an uproar because Bieber has connections with black artists who are his friends and got away free

Nicki Minaj: Used Nazi Propaganda <— hardly any backlash and got away free

I guess people hate seeing a white girl dominate the rap world and are too busy to focus on other morally corrupt things. eek.

She is hell on high heels. A serial killer!lydia mix.

Listen here

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Azealia Banks - No Problems

meloyhaberman  asked:

I've been noticing that a lot of people who were quick to call out Nicki Minaj on her antisemitism and anti-romani racism have been entirely silent on Azealia Banks' antisemitism. Most of the posts I've seen about her have only been reblogged by other Jews and not by the sj community at large. I'm not sure what to say about this. I keep seeing other people on my dash reblogging posts about how great AB is and it's making me feel extremely uncomfortable. Do you have any advice for how to deal?

Sorry if that was vague, this has been just making me feel wicked uncomfortable and idk what to say about it.

The problem with Azealia Banks is the problem that tumblr has with a lot of celebrities. They can only be put on a pedestal or “trash,” and there seems to be no in between. People ignored Banks’s homophobia and transphobia when she had smart things to say about cultural appropriation, and her antisemitism isn’t making waves because a) the SJ community as a whole turns a blind eye to antisemitism and b) there’s the strange assumption that if we call out a celebrity for saying or doing something bigoted, then we are rejecting their more accurate critiques. 

People don’t want to criticize her when they see her as standing up to someone oppressive (Iggy) because they think it makes what she has to say about it less credible. This is a really dangerous way of thinking, because in this angel/”trash” dichotomy, the angels lose their accountability, right? Nobody wants to admit that their fave is problematic, so they ignore the problematic things.

And, as littlegoythings would say, “solidarity is for goyim.”