Igloo Australia went on a twitter rant because of a meme Ebro posted on twitter. Here’s his explanation. (Please watch this. It’s amazing)

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You're out of your mind if you think nicki is a better rapper then missy or azealia. Take away all the extra bullshit and focus only on the lyrics.. They cut nickis plastic ass in half.

PLS! Let’s not pretend like any female rapper now isn’t relevant thanks to Nicki Minaj. Nicki was able to break through the industry when a female rapper hadn’t truly been profitable in more then 10 years. You must’ve forgotten female rap was DEAD and now it’s thriving and people care again, arguably more then male rap. 

  1. Lets not pretend like Nicki’s MONSTER verse wasn’t named THE BEST RAP VERSE of our time; Male or Female, before she even had a fucking ALBUM… on a track with 2 hip-hop heavyweights [x]
  2. Let’s not pretend like she’s not THE ONLY rap bitch on the Forbes list, making the list last year without any album or tour or Anything. Just from back catalogue ALONE [x]
  3. Let’s not ignore the fact that a Black, Female, RAPPER has passed MICHAEL JACKSON and MADONNA on Billboard Entries and she’s only getting started
  4. Don’t act like Nicki’ Minaj’s Mixtapes ALONE didn’t move more weight in the Rap scene when she was coming up then Azealia’s whole fucking Discography. “Which bitch you know made a Million off a MIXTAPE”
  5. Don’t ignore the fact that Nicki, a black woman, RAPPER… in a Male dominated music genre is approaching 70 million singles sold? And by the end of this era will be near 4.5 million albums sold, so obviously millions of people disagree and this is during a low time in music where no one is buying albums and music anymore.
  6. Are you blind to the fact that Nicki is the first woman in HISTORY to be named BEST RAPPER ALIVE.. EVER  [x]
  7. Don’t act like Chi-Raq wasn’t the most remixed rap song last year and Lookin Ass didn’t make the list of best rap verses last year..
  8. Don’t pretend like when a Nicki verse starts you don’t know it Word for Word cause ya do. She has that skill to make people remember her VERSE and not just the beat or a catchy chorus. Azealia’s music is cool too but if you want to talk “Bullshit” lyricaly Heavy Metal and Reflective is under the definition of bullshit. She isn’t saying SHIT. As well as a lot of her songs that y’all say “Go off” that really don’t. The BEAT goes off… not her. And you couldn’t possibly be a Missy fan…. I love Missy, if you did you would know that Missy says a whole bunch of “bullshit” in her songs that make absolutely no sense. She literally makes random shit up, but that’s why people love her, it doesn’t take away from her skill and she’s known for over the top theatrics so that doesn’t make sense?
  9. Nicki could EASILY kill any rapper lyrically if she chooses. Writing a tough verse is easy to her she says it all the time because she’s always pushing her pen and experimenting with her craft, she’s developed the tools to write on ANYTHING because she challenges herself. Her best work comes when someone doubts or tries her. Ask Lil Kim. When have you ever seen Nicki been doubted or challenged on any level and she didn’t CONQUER? NEVER, because that’s the type of woman she is. 
  10. NO ONE in RAP has proven their ability to switch their flow like she does. She’s literally paved the way in being able to Feature on anyone’s song, become a chameleon, and still KILL IT. From Carly Rae Jepsen to Eminem, Nas, and Jay-Z. Like who else you know can do that? All these other rappers, even the best have one consistent flow. Nicki can rap on cartoon sounding track like Wamables and kill a trap beat with a snap of the finger. Just listen to how many times she switches her flow on the Boss Ass Bitch remix. UNHEARD of 
  11. And PLEASE. Azealia’s BEEN A FAN she knows what’s up.. 

No one is forcing you to like Nicki Minaj more then whomever, like who you like, But don’t act like she’s NOT the best to do it. She’s been more successful then all female rappers COMBINED, and she will go down in Hip-Hop history whether you like it or not. And chances are she’s the reason your fav even exists today because she’s re-opened so many doors for Females in Hip-Hop and even created new ones. 

I didn’t even wanna go here because she’s about empowerment of female’s that are really on top of their shit, not comparing and tearing them down, but boi you tried it! lol. Meanwhile Azealia couldn’t go one week without saying something offensive and disgusting if her life fucking depended on it. Now run along.. 


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