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Beyblade Metal Fusion! Speaking of which, is it too late ask you whether you like Russia or Lithuania more?


The first character I first fell in love with: Tetsuya. ♥

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:  There are two, actually!  Mei Mei and Lera.  I have a record of not liking female characters, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out how totally awesome those two are. :D

The character everyone else loves that I don’t:  Eh…I don’t find Kyoya as interesting as everyone else does. :/  Also, lots of people seem to adore Kenta, and he mostly just annoys the crap out of me.

The character I love that everyone else hates:  Well, it’s not really hate, exactly, but lots of my favorite characters get no attention from the fandom. :P  The most obvious ones are Demure/Damoure, team Lovushka, and Klaus. OH! And then there’s Madoka. She gets a lot of hate.  I think she’s epic.

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:  Tetsuya’s moved down a few spaces on my favorite characters list as I met more characters…does that count?

The character I would totally smooch:  How come everyone is so reluctant to answer this one?  Da Xiang for sure.

The character I’d want to be like: Well I’m pretty much happy being like myself, but having as much money as Julius would be quite nice. xD  It’d also be neat to be like Gingka, the hero who gets to go on amazing adventures and save the world and stuff! HANG ON!  I’d really rather be like Madoka!  All of the adventures and meeting handsome guys without any of the world-saving responsibility!  She’s got a sweet deal.

The character I’d slap:  Sophie. *eye twitch* Just…Sophie.

A pairing that I love:  Nowaguma/Lera is the most adorable thing since Yuu.

A pairing that I despise:  Anyonewhoisn'tHyoma/Hikaru.  Seriously.

Well that was fun~!  Probably full of unpopular opinions, but whatever. xD

And no, it is not too late to ask that!  Though it is rather difficult. O_O  Hm…they are both amazing…..eeeeh….probably Lithuania, though, when it comes down to it. x3

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I love Das Vegas DJ too!!

Yess, I am not as alone as I thought! :D

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yes nicole potato chips are infinite! i know i hated those backgrounds bladers poor sting!

I know right? She pulls them out of literally nowhere. How Nicole? Teach meeee!  And yes, poor poor poor Sting. ;_;

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You might actually maybe be able to reach Glen to smooch him! :O

HEY. (That’s a good point though. He’s so short and cute. Cute little shorty Glen. :3)
Hey Tori you should smooch Ramone. I know you want to.

azants replied to your post: “If you want to complain, do it to Sting who lost…

azants replied to your post: “If you want to complain, do it to Sting who lost…

Maybe he’s just blindfolded? Huh? HUH? HUS;ADLGHAPEHDFAIPRFDF*weeps*

azants replied to your post: “If you want to complain, do it to Sting who lost…

Or, y’know, has his ears plugged. And is blindfolded.


I need to see Sting right now. I will cry.

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yeah! you should read my Drunk!Zeo roleplay, i was also nervous because everyone is good roleplaying but me! and france is my baby and he is always relevant, yeah, too bad that the beer-less germany tag cant work :S (no zeo got sushi instead)

Heh, yeah, the entire MFB fandom seems pretty good at just about everything. Including you, though, so it’s no wonder you had fun with roleplaying. XD  France is precious and should be everywhere! XD  Ah, yeah, I’m just full of tags that won’t work, aren’t I?  (Oh well at least he got something to eat.)

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Try Omegle. I hear the people there are really reliable and not trolls or creepers at all.

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Yuu! :D

Why I like him:
He is the most adorable character in the history of anything ever.  And I have a severe weakness for anything cute.  I also really love his English dub voice, and he can always make me laugh. I like how he gives everyone nicknames.  He’s just got so many lovable traits that I can’t take it!

Why I don’t:
I don’t dislike anything about him, really.

Favorite epsiode/scene/issue:
I like the episode Libra Departs for the Front quite a bit.  I also love his speech to Tsubasa just before Tsubasa overcomes the dark power.  And when he hugs Kenta that one time it’s just so aoerghvkjfhg.

…Everything Yuu does is just so adorable that it’s hard to pick just a few….

Favorite line:
I find Yuu extremely quotable.
“Now do you understand how hard it is to fight in a World Championship battle?” “No I don’t! Nothing’s happened yet!”
“What are you doing up here in the coldy-cold?”
“Oh I just melt when you say Ryuga - he’s my special hero!”
“And he has cool hair, and a happenin’ cape!”
“You rock my world, Tsubasa!”

But one of the best has to be:
“That stuff just kinda happens sometimes, ya know what I mean, mister?”

Favorite outfit:
His normal outfit is adorable, of course. x3  But his cuuuute little beach clothes are just so…well…cute.  Both his overalls and the outfit with shorts.  I don’t know which to choose someone help T_T

I, uh, haven’t got one. …Sorry.

Non-romantic OTP:
TsuYuu! Yubasa!  Or whatever you want to call Yuu and Tsubasa bromance.  They give me lots of feelings.  ♥

A head canon:
Vanilla ice cream is his favorite food. Ever.

An Unpopular Opinion:
I’ve seen it around a bit that people think Yuu had a tragic childhood or some such and it’s still bugging him to this day.  I personally believe that he’s just always been happy, and though I do see him as an orphan, I don’t think he’d have known his parents.  And if something tragic did happen, I believe he’s mostly over it, because Yuu’s just like that, in my opinion. 

He’s content and cheerful.

A wish:
For him to show up older in Zero G. 83

An oh-God-please-don’t-ever-happen:
If he were to become attached to someone in the way he seems attached to Tsubasa, I might cry.  I just really like the fact that Yuu always thought Tsubasa was cool, right through it all, and now Tsubasa seems to have taken Ryuga’s (and Gingka’s?) place as the one Yuu looks up to the most.

5 words to best describe him:
-Bratty (pfff♥)

My nickname for him:
Haven’t got one.