azamiya  asked:

When you reprinted it, I confirmed it to a partner by all means and was impressed by an act to take the permission very much. I think that I like your way of life heartily. I wish it to continue from now on (there is much reproduction without permission in Japan). Oh... I am weak in English.;;

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this message!! I used to not know about how important it is to ask for permission, but now I always ask!

I think it’s very important to respect artists’ wishes because they want to post their art online and be able to trust people to not steal or edit their illustrations. I will definitely continue to do so! I’m glad that I can influence others to do the same as well.

No, your English is really good! あざみやさんの英語の方が私の日本語より上手ですねw

メセージ本当にありがとうございます! !!

Small Town (and i think a collaborating faction?) did their Montoro raid but sadly by mistake their loot rule was on order (not prior) and someone named Azamiya got the Soul Bringer Stance book.

Then he logged out.

Then he left the faction.

Then blocked them all on facebook.

It’s currently worth about 1.7>1.8b in Rembrandt?

Yes, it’s clear they should have checked squad loot rule. And since there was no game abuse, IAH will do nothing. Nothing can be done about the past now.

But a big raid like this has a lot of trust, especially as the SB rings or SDr recipes don’t always go to top DPSers. It’s a group effort to down a raid - not just the manpower and different roles, but the organisation.

I’m letting this known so please don’t purchase Soul Bringer from this person (or suspicious mules) and don’t accept them into your faction. Since they don’t care for their factionmates and don’t care about being trustworthy, I don’t think you should trust him.

I hope I got these details right, and I hope Azamiya thinks hard about what he has done.