Azami: Modern Day Cryptid

Azami already kind of was, but in modern days, she’d be labeled as a cryptid.

  • People go out to take a scenic picture of some part of the forest and they take a picture of Azami (who’s concealing eye ability doesn’t make her invisible, just makes people not want to look at her, thus she shows up in pictures)
  • People camp out looking for Bigfoot and they see a short black haired woman in between the trees. They want to show thier proof to others: but by the time they decide to take a picture, thier attention is diverted elsewhere, and they cannot force themselves to look back to where they want to look (Captivating Eyes)
  • People have a nice forest picnic a but too close to her home and she storms over, stealing thier food and turning them into stone. Thus the legends sarting about her killing people begin

Basically I made this post so I can say: Azami is real and she kissed me behind a 7/11