Mary’s “Immorality“ Theory

Okay while I was I reading, watching, and listening to Kagerou Project, I noticed something that really bothered me about Mary. Apparently Mary is 140 so that means every ten years she physically ages one year. I honestly didn’t really pay much attention to that until I started thinking about her actually backstory and noticed something strange. Her mother Shion seemed to age normally. You don’t believe me well look.

Shion is probably at least 8 in this but even if i gave her the benefit of the doubt the youngest she would be is at least 5. If we’re going by Mary’s age rule Shion would be about 50-80. We also have to take in the fact that Shion is ½ medusa while Mary is only ¼, that should mean that Shion’s aging should be a lot slower than Mary’s. And another thing Tsukihiko, Shion’s father doesn’t look that old at all, he looks as old as a normal father would if he had a child that age In this if we are going by the canon that was set up by Mary Tsukihiko would be at least 80-dead. Tsukihiko should not be this young if Shion ages like Mary does, actually he probably should have even been alive at the moment shown in the picture, yet he is. But that doesn’t make sense if medusa’s age slowly. Oh yes I know what some of you may be saying ‘oh SKwriter maybe that’s just how they design any character old or young alright then sceptical reader how about this?

This the moment when Mary was found by the towns folks that heard about monster that lived in the forest. If we were to assume that Shion aged like Mary that meant that people remembered where exactly Shion’s place was after about 150 years and didn’t think that the that the monster thing from 100+ years was all just a legend, I’m calling that more than a stretch. These is no way that people would know where to even look and another thing how would they even know that they were the monster, shouldn’t they have been I don’t know actually looking for a monster. I know that in the anime they talk about medusa being an old story, but even if it was any old story it couldn’t have been to old or else people wouldn’t have believed in it.

All of these things make me question Mary’s aging. Did it really start when she was born on or was is gained? If Shion did really did age normally like i believe at the flashback we see of her with a kid Mary should be about 60, but she looks like a young adult if not slightly older.

Well I have a theory for this. I believe Mary gain her slower aging after she came back from the Heat haze. I think when Azami gave her the combining eyes, the primary ability of the medusa which combines all the snakes together, she had gain the slower aging process. I think her grandmother’s main eyes also held the power to her immortality and after passing that on to Mary, Mary wasn’t immortal but she aged a lot slower then she did before. This would explain why she and her mother aged normally, and why she is 140 years old now.

Or I could just be overthinking all of this? What do you all think?