Remember these things: Iggy Azalea vs. Azealia Banks fued
  •  Iggy has said incredibly racist things, you can easily google it. Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native, she’s covered everyone. From her social media to her lyrics (calling herself a runaway slave master with a whip motion.) Additionally, she is incredibly aware of her white privilege as exemplified by Kid Fury who shared how she was essentially bragging about how her tallness and whiteness is going to get her accepted by the fashion industry while Azealia Banks pisses on it.

  • Putting on a faux “black woman from the south” rap accent is a mockery, PERIOD. It’s racist mockery. Neither Eminem nor MIA have to put on a fake accent of what they think black people sound like to create rap music. At least Eminem admits his white privilege.

  • Iggy comes from fucking Australia aka that place where white people still treat indigenous people like shit and have a long history of brutalization and erasure of indigenous people. This is not to assume that she particularly feels or acts a certain way toward indigenous people, but that she is well fucking acquainted with institutionalized racism. But THEN…this bitch went on an interview to then talk about how these indigenous people “refuse to live in houses” (WTF) painting them as savages.

  • Iggy is nominated for a Best Rap album Grammy for a completely mediocre and primarily pop record coupled with her being a complete nobody. This simply makes no sense. “Iggy Azalea is not excellent.”

  • Black artists such as Will Smith had to boycott the Grammys just so that Hip Hop could even be recognized as a legitimate musical art form/category - the same category wherein black excellence is now being overshadowed by white mediocrity via Iggy.

  • Azealia Banks literally wept at black creations (inventions, art, etc.) being ERASED and “reinvented” by white people and her fear of hip hop facing the same fate and Iggy basically called her a crybaby as she profits off a genre created by black struggle.