most of tohma’s azalea songs seem to have a counterpart-song, and almost all the songs make reference to a ‘tower’ of sorts as well as 'guidelines of noctiluca’/'noctiluca guidelines’ or just 'noctiluca’ which is???/// what is noctiluca?

very obvious ones:

Babylon > River Babylon is basically about an entertainment-filled town called Babylon Town, where its inhabitants continuously seek out new ways to cure their perpetual boredom.

Envy Cat Walk > Envycat Blackout is a story of a cat-like girl and a chronically ill boy possibly in love, but the town they live in, called Old Neon Town, is dependant on the girl’s presence. Once she leaves, the town and the boy will fade away into nothingness.

Kowloon Retro > Kowloon Hydra/Idola(?) is about a town, possibly called Kowloon/Kulong Town, of houses stacked on top of each other until it reached the sky, and the chaos and corruption that happens within it.

Madara Cult > Yankee Boy Yankee Girl tells the tale of a town waging a war on another town (possibly Kowloon?) just for entertainment, and they resort to experimenting on random things to create soldiers and warriors and war-machines. But according to additional info, Madara Cult is just a cartoon watched by kids in a place called Mansion Town. Perhaps they were inspired by it and created the group Yankee Boy Yankee Girl?

theories and guesses:

Azalea no Bourei > Haikei ni Tettou, “Chizuru” wa Denen Nite Matsu
('the wasteland’s steel tower’? they gotta be connected man)

Yankee Boy Yankee Girl > Boy of the Future’s Great War
(wage war against the adults to take back our tomorrow! yeah they sound connected to me)

Magical Girl Eudaemonics > Tabibito to Ishi no Hane > Hanged Girl in the Haunted Mansion
(mere speculation because tabibito mentioned 'haunted shadow of the witch’.) Magical Girl Eudaemonics takes place in the Abandoned Amusement Park, which may just be a part of Babylon Town.

Galaxy Railway in the Shallows of Night > Moon Ruins > Eureka no Hakoniwa > Kuchira Byoutou to Aru Zenya
(idk man i saw the moon in galaxy’s pv and went oOOOH! but now im not so sure. Getsumen Haikyo/Moon Ruins also mentions Eureka, as in the lyric 'Eureka’s bell rings’, so there’s a connection with Eureka’s Miniature Garden too. eureka no hakoniwa also mentions 'the whisper of the heart engraved in the machine’, and kuchira’s lyrics go 'swallowed by the machines, your breath, blood and heart’ and the last part says 'overwrought sirens and six months on a train’ like galaxy train maybe hmm??/)

Shinzou mentions a lot of things from other songs.

Orange seems to be completely disconnected from the rest of the songs. It takes place on Crescent Island.

Azalea in general seems to be a story of various towns in the region known as Azalea, and even as the towns fade away and become lost to the hands of time, there is a girl/doll in a miniature garden who keeps track of the history of everything. Her name is… Eureka.

so there ya go.

Heart / Tohma

[ Translation of the last song and short story on Tohma’s Azalea no Shinzou album, “Shinzou (Heart)”. Masterpost of the other stories and song translations can be found here. ]

I want you to forgive this filthy life
That’s begun to flake away from God’s love
I hope that this mechanical voice and heart
Will reach far away to where you are
Emotions and affections destroyed everyone
A night that felt like I was falling from a cliff
“You’re stronger than anyone,” you told me
“You can change everything,” you said
I don’t need to be comforted like that, anymore

No matter how many times we hurt each other
Or how battered we become
I’ll live while absorbing the lives of others
Even if we’re separated
Even if I’m killed
I’ll still be breathing somewhere

Let’s talk about days long past
Let’s talk about a future far from now
Even if no one should remember me
Your memories will bring me back

No matter how many billions or trillions of stars fall
Let’s head for the horizon in a big ship
Blocking off the innocent yet cruel tomorrow
As if to correct some grave mistake,
Let’s forget

I noticed the final signal, and laughed
Pretending that it was nothing
That nothing would change
I choked on the words
Surely, even the fact we lived has been lost
If, for instance, there was no going back,
Neither for you, nor for me

Even if we comfort each other
Even if we fall to peaces
I’ll live while absorbing the lives of others
Even if we’re separated
Even if I’m killed
I swear

Even if I’m not born again, or this city sinks,
The throbbing continues to cry at my ear as always
Stab love into my heart
And show me a dream that quietly fades away

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