00bel  asked:

hi i just came to tell you that you are such a great person and your art is so inspirational to me and oh gosh i just admire you so much and i hope you have an awesome rest of your life because you are amazing 。◕‿◕。

wow thank you

Alth9ugh I w9uld rather argue that I am, in all actuality, “attractive”, 9r perhaps even “hands9me”, rather than “ad9ra6le,” I accept y9ur graci9us c9mpliments.

I am n9t, h9wever, a child, and even less a “6a6y”.  I frankly find the very idea 9f human “6a6ies” a 6it appalling, and am unsettled 6y the idea that y9u might think 9f me as 9ne.