Naputol ang pagmumuni-muni ko nang naramdaman kong may humila ng isang earphone ko. Doon ko lang narinig ang countdown sa TV.

Five.. four.. three..

I spun my head to my side, and there was Andreau, looking at me.

“Hoy bastos ka! Ba’t mo hinigit? I was enjoy–”



He leaned in, pausing on a breath, then he slanted his lips over mine. I let out a muffled squeak of surprise as I felt his hand squeezed mine three times.

Andreau kissed me once again, gentle and searching. Before I could even kiss back (whoa there, what?), he pulled back knowingly, with a quick peck that served to punctuate whatever he was saying earlier.

Somehow that kiss was completely chaste and hot all at the same time.

He let out a relieved sigh, and murmured, “Happy New Year, Zades.”

I could only stared back at him doubtfully, despite my tingling mouth, which makes a pleasant twist in my stomach, as if someone’s punching my insides.

That was our sixth kiss. Sixth.

Triple holy shit.

He let out a relieved sigh, and murmured, “Happy New Year, Zades.” He let out a relieved sigh..*so many thoughts running on my mind right now*