UWAGA!!!!!!!!! PROMO

nie no zarcik. nie ma promo. poszukuje tlumaczenia ksiazki “ukryta” z serii “ognista” jordan s. czy jakos tak. czy ktos cos wie? blagam, nie umiem az tak ang zeby książki czytac

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ange and brûler? <3

ange (angel): what’s your opinion on religion? do you believe in anything? some people take it way too far and start problems and i think theres a higher power but it just chills and science is the reason for everything if that makes sense 

brûler (to burn): what are you most passionate about? sleeping 

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Team Ref • Delete my number

man, i love this line.

note: this is an AU wherein fubu ang AZ pero ang alam ng lahat ay magkaaway sila. idk kung ba’t ito ang naisip ko pero shit, i loved this

through sms

Zade: Delete my number.

Andreau: What?

Z: Just do it
   delete it rn

A: Huh? Bakit nga??

Z: Kesh saw me texting. Agad niyang inisip na ikaw katext ko

A: And what did you say?

Z: Of course I lied! Ano pa bang sasabihin ko???
   Just delete my number, Andreau. AS IN RIGHT THE FUCK NOW

A: Okay okay
    Wait, hindi ba alam ni Kesh ang number ko?

Z: Ibang number yung nakalagay sa contacts niya. Yung luma mong number.
   Pakidelete na rin tong text exchange natin

A: As in the whole thread?

   Dalian mo! Baka dumating na dyan si Roldan any minute!!

A: Teka binaback up ko pa tong thread! Will delete later


/ hours later; narestore na ni andreau ang old messages sa phone niya /

A: Zades?

Z: OMG nahuli ba? nadelete mo ba?

A: Yes, I did.

Z: Did he buy it?

A: Yep. May pagkatanga rin naman si Roldan minsan

Z: Ohmygod i can finally breathe!
   Thank you so much andreau you saved me
   So.. yours or mine tonight? I might do something to thank you properly later ;)

/ replies 20 minutes later /

A: I don’t think we should do this anymore, Zades

Z: Huh? Why?
   Jusko naman andreau. if this is about the thing earlier, i assure you it’s fine. they don’t suspect a thing
   let’s just pretend na magkagalit tayo bukas ng umaga, okay? but tonight i want some rough fucking

A: I won’t do this anymore, Zades. I’m sorry.

Z: Are you fucking kidding me, Cortez?
   Hindi ‘to first time na muntikan na tayong mahuli! I thought sanay ka na!

A: I thought so, too!
    But no, I’m not. I never got used to this.
    At first I thought hiding this would be easy. Madali lang namang magpanggap na magkagalit, diba? The hot sex will definitely compensate for it
     We’ve been doing this for 6 months, Zades.
      I couldn’t do this anymore

Z: All because of this stupid thing kaya ka magbabackout? Shut up, Andreau. You’re making me laugh.

A: Then  laugh at me all you want. I couldn’t go through another day with you treating me as your go-to fuck machine.
    I’m done with this.
    I like you. For real. Okay?
    Maybe I’m falling for you.
    So laugh at that one, too.