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Ask an Ancestor!

Hi everyone! Alright, so if you would like to be in the Ask An Ancestor panel (which will take place at either Tuscon Comic Con or Taiyou Con), here is what you should know!

  • electracute13 is recruiting the lowblooded Ancestors (from the Handmaid to Disciple I believe) (she’s also the Dolorosa)
  • I will be recruiting the highblood ancestors (Redglare to Condesce, and I will be the GHB)
  • We’ll need to see your cosplays as soon as possible, so send us pics!!
  • Once we have enough people to be in the panel we will be holding question and answer sessions( most likely over Skype) where one or both of us will be asking you questions for you to answer in character.
  • We’ll need to know which con would be easiest for you to attend, Tuscon Comic Con or Taiyou Con. 

Message either of us if you’re interested to be a panelist, and once we have enough people to fill the panel we’ll be holding character auditions! Thanks for reading homies. :o)

Tempe Market Place stuck details~!

Heyo so about the meet up that I’m hosting this Saturday I just wanted to cover some details!

Like I said, feel free to wear grey paint just seal it really really really well. And with your horns, Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, everyone like that are alright to wear but with trolls like Gamzee or Tavros I recommend you don’t wear them because I would hate to have them get damaged!!!
As rad and awesome zombiestuck might be, please don’t do it. There might be children there (and even though I hate children .-.) I wouldn’t want to scare them. Im so sorry for being so strict with dress code and shit but yea I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

About what were gonna do, Please keep in mind that this is my first meet up I’m hosting so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, please if you have any suggestions to what to do let me know! I also suggest you bring money just because there might be stuff you wanna buy!

For like themes and stuff maybe we could do like a fall leafy thing! I’ll just be going as normal jade sprite but I’d love to see people creativity!

Like I said we’ll meet In front of Target and walk around from there, we can walk to the strip mall place or go to the movie theater place or we can stop somewhere to eat! ^u^

And you don’t need to come in cosplay like if ya see me go ahead and join the group and we can chill!

I really hope to see everyone there!!!!!

If you have any questions please message me! (I ask you to message me bc Idk how to open my ask box.)