Nausea Headcanons

and other sickness headcanons. We’re doing Space Dad first.

- Shiro can mask his nausea pretty well, he’s had a lot of practice. He’ll also hide the fact that he’s sick from other people unless it floors him.
- When it does incapacitate him, he lets people help, but it’s mostly just the other Paladins. Puking in front of Allura is probably awkward.
- Has probably puked in front of Allura by accident. (And was mortified)
- He’s got a really strong stomach so things like motion sickness and the green goo don’t have any effect. Blood doesn’t seem to phase him either but this one may change. Body horror probably does nauseate him.
- Anxiety gives him that hole-in-your-tummy feeling.
- He could probably work his way through a fever and sweat it out on his own because he’s stubborn but don’t try this yourself kids.
- He could literally be in the middle of a coughing fit and would swear he’s fine.
- Pain is probably another thing he masks well, it would probably have to be a migraine.
- Basically unless he’s dying Shiro will deny everything and say he’s fine. But don’t be fooled, take care of him he’ll need it.


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Tristan hadn’t been to anything remotely resembling a party in years. It was nice, he supposed, for there to be some semblance of levity, to see some weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders. But he did feel terribly out of place, as if he’d forgotten how to have fun – or at least how to be social. His fingers momentarily toyed with the rim of his glass, shoulder pressed against the wall as he looked out onto the dance floor. “C’est agréable,” he said, gesturing towards the moving people, “I never imagined this war would take me out of Europe. Especially for something so pleasant.”

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TASTES: peach bourbon. cinnamon. coffee. peppermint chewing gum.

SMELLS: peach nectar. warm vanilla sugar. apple pie on a sunday morning. freshly brewed coffee. lemon sugar body wash. honey.

SIGHTS: dusty dirt back road. sterile medical facility. urban setting at night with cars driving by. late night countryside. fireflies by an old willow. the stars glittering at night. autumn over an old bridge. old churches. big open fields. old georgian plantations. twilight/dusk/dawn. 

OUTFITS: button down shirts and jeans. medical coats and scrubs. starfleet uniform. black, blue and grey suits. plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves. white button downs with the first two buttons undone. black t-shirts and sweatpants. 

SOUNDS: crickets at night. monitors beeping in a hospital. classic country music. the sound of a pen tapping against wood. rain pattering on the roof. birds early in the morning. rolling desk chairs over wood. acoustic guitar. alarm clock beeping. eggs sizzling and popping in a pan. tos theme song. cheesy sci-fi sound effects.