Peggy Carter and Carmilla Karnstein met each-other during the end of the war, Carmilla was trying to get back on her feet and got a waitress job at the nearest bar, where the two pals used to stay and talk after-hours.

Why a waitress you say ? Just so I could add this:

Carmilla eventually meet Angie years later and is a little shit about it.


Okay so I was just reading along in A Dance With Dragons and I finally got to the first chapter from Jaimes pov in forever.
So I’m just casually reading at the very end of the chapter this guy comes in and was like “this lady barged in and demanded to see you” and Jaime stood up and turned around and it was Brienne of Tarth and I WAS NOT PREPARED. I LET OUT AN AUDIBLE SCREECH.

So let’s see how their story lines were supposed to go. Cough cough.

leims asked:

41, 85, 88, 100 :D

41: You hear One Direction in public- do you go off or pretend not to care? 

Roll my eyes while going the fuck off

85: Favourite AU? 


88: Which of the boys will make the best dad? 

Aw man they’d all make good dads… but i guess louis and zayn would be great dads i think

100: Talk about the first time you really noticed the boys.

LMAO i was watching the much music countdown and I think What Makes You Beautiful was number 1 and i watched it for 30 seconds and i was like how about no…. LMAOO