ayyy peee bio


Alright, so this week I have a lot of material to cover. Because there’s just so much and I didn’t have that much time, I made some flash cards! :D These still have a lot of important information. They’re just not as detailed (artistically) as I would like but they are still very informative! And they still have the green color scheme. Because that’s a must. 

Anyways, here is an introduction on fungi. 


More crappy flashcards. eh.

These are about plant evolution. I left out angiosperms and gymnosperms, but basically: gymnosperms are conifers. they have naked seeds. Angiosperms have seed coats. They are commonly referred to as flowering plants because they have flowers. Seeds are evolutionary advantages. 

Ok I don’t even know what I’m typing right now…should probably go sleep LOL so i’ll just leave these here. maybe I might come back and fix these later. or maybe I won’t. 

Please enjoy this shitty comic about stomata. I made this really quickly.

Basically, when stomata are open, the guard cells are turgid and bowed. They close because the guard cells become flaccid. This is because of the proton pumps pumping K+ out of the cell against the proton gradient