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yuup. ayyy what’s up guys ?
as you can see from this barely constructed roleplay blog that this is a lance from the life-consuming show that is voltron. so if you’re interested in roleplaying with ya homeboy just give this a LIKE / REBLOG ( preferred ) & i’ll fly over to check your blog out asap !

Tag 9 people you want to get to know better
Thaaaanks, @deadlilmoon
How old are you? 19
What’s your current job? Med student
What are you talented skilled at?> uh, i can guess any Disney song within seconds???
What’s your aesthetic? abandoned houses, summer sunsets and cigarette smoke, old forests, roadtrips
Do you collect anything?I collect failures ayyy
What’s a topic you always talk about?idk, tv series, animation, university things??
What’s a pet peeve of yours? when ladies don’t tie their long hair at the gym
Good advice to give? when a guy asks u about bbc - don’t assume he’s talking about the channel
What are three songs you’d recommend?
Traffic in the Sky - Jack Johnson
Sorry - Postmodern Jukebox cover
#LEH - Superwoman & Humble the Poet
I tag @snovyda @immortansan @she-is-sherlocked @bobopizza

Rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better. lord, here we go…

● Birthday: approximately thirteen days after the the constellation gemini enters the sun’s domain. it occurred sometime in the morning, i believe. #morningperson #ayyy
● Gender: a person, likely human in nature. i’m totally pronoun. how could you be antinoun? that would sound really clunky in actual conversation, using proper names all the time.
● Relationship status: i have a balanced diet that now regularly includes chicken and, for once in my life, a really stable group of good friends so i’m quite content. 
● Favorite color: i think, really, it’s blue. but not all blues. and see, i love earth tones. but i also love orange because i bleed it because i’m a tennessee volunteers fanatic. #psycho
● Pets: i have a scottish terrier named jon and he’s really dumb and clumsy and seems to have no control over his limbs but he’s really sweet. i’ve taken to collecting housewares and accessories that sport his likeness so if you ever find anything scotty related, clue me in on that.
● Wake up time: i am freaky, y’all. i wake up about seven am every day without an alarm. this includes weekends, vacations, holidays… unless i’ve stayed up very late the night before or done a day’s worth of physical labor prior, this is my reality.
● Love or lust?: i don’t typically experience the second one without the other, so i guess both is my answer. and i feel like that’s cheating. but, none of you call me out on this. none.
● Favorite food: i honestly love fast food. it’s so gross and i know it’s gross and i feel gross after i eat it but it’s like it’s just a good way to die, i guess. i’m really hungry. right now. help.
● Met a celebrity?: i once had a beer at the table next to the one elijah wood was sitting at with some of his friends. we waved to him when we left and he waved back.
● Last song listened to: blowing smoke (feat. dj ko) by taylor ray holbrook and let me tell you this is a strange one. spotify, why are you like this?
● First kiss: ‘twas the night after a very bad movie in a shady as f*ck parking lot and all the cool kids were doing it so we gave it a try. we subsequently decided the activity wasn’t all that rewarding and we went to play kingdom hearts instead.
● Tall or short: i am definitely not as tall as i’d like to be. i feel like i got cheated somewhere. was it because i never drank milk as a child? because if that’s true…

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hi 😊 I was just wondering how you started up this account and how you got it to be so popular? don't worry if it's too much bother ❤️❤️ I love ur account and ayyy a fellow bts fan 😊😊

Hello ! Thank you for liking my blog omg, that’s so sweet :33
Okay, so like, i used to literally STALK the zodiac tag here on tumblr. Idk why, but i really enjoyed reading what kind of bread i am at 3am xD
I also used to read about my crush’s sign, and whether we’re compatible or not AHAHAHA
And like i have my main blog which i love and it’s my child, but i though “hey, i could make my own zodiac posts.” So i started, and it was lame 😁
But i wouldn’t really consider my blog popular, i just enjoy talking and listening to people !

Yesterday I got to 1K which is really kinda amazing! Thank you guys so much!!! I assumed when I started on this website 50 people at a push would follow me, so 1,000 is a lot. You guys are just amazing!

So anyway I’ll get to it ^-^

Close Friends:

  • recklessclones/Kim : Yo besto. I realise now that I’m only on here because you were like “If you make an account I will” so I just did it. You’re also the reason why I listen to a load of emo good music and do a load of the stuff I love that sounds like I am doing a load of people. You’re just the best ily ^-^
  • queendelphine/Georgie : You’re the best, like seriously! You’ll always be my favourite wifey, even when I get a real wifey/husbandy.
  • Cleo : You never use your tumblr account but I tagged it because I still wanted to include you I know you’re looking at this. You’re amazing <3 Also post more plz.
  • myblogandotherrubbish/Georgia : I’ve known you all my life and you’re still the mad girl I met in Primary School. Your blog is super cool, and you’re even better ^-^
  • weird-british-girl/Georgia : Ayyyy you. You’re great (britain ayyy). Idk what to say at all but you’re really great and RIP James 2k14 (omg it was last year cricri)
  • 135berta/Roberta : I have no idea what to say to you because I always insult you and I’m talking to you right now so yeah. But you’re cool I guess when you’re not joking about leaving (i still haven’t let that go lol)

Other Amazing People:




I’m sorry if I forgot you!! You’re all amazing! Thank you for 1K!

tour!5sos blurb night! tag me in your blurbs yay!

The first few weeks in an empty home without Luke were hard in their own way; you’d seen him come and go from tour before and every time it took you a few days to adjust to only pulling out one mug every morning and only cooking enough dinner for one person every night, but those little habits quickly faded quickly along with heavy sighs.

It took a little longer to get used to half of your bed staying cold and being able to shuffle in your sleep without the dead weight of his lengthy arm thrown over your torso; for the cotton of his pillow to let go of the smell of his cologne and the remnants of his shampoo. That one was the hardest; when you couldn’t surround yourself with his smell anymore so you spent nights rummaging through his side of the closet to find something you hadn’t yet cleaned, the laundry detergent lasted three times as long when he was away with you reluctant to clean his essence from anything.

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on the wind of morning  - an instrumental playlist for dragon lovers [listen] [tracklist]

“Arren saw the dragons soaring and circling on the morning wind, and his heart leapt up with them with a joy, a joy of fulfillment, that was like pain. All the glory of mortality was in that light. Their beauty was made up of terrible strength, utter wildness, and the grace of reason. For these were thinking creatures, with speech and ancient wisdom: in the patterns of their flight there was a fierce, willed concord.

Arren did not speak, but he thought: I do not care what comes after; I have seen the dragons on the wind of morning.” -Ursula K. LeGuin