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on the wind of morning  - an instrumental playlist for dragon lovers [listen] [tracklist]

“Arren saw the dragons soaring and circling on the morning wind, and his heart leapt up with them with a joy, a joy of fulfillment, that was like pain. All the glory of mortality was in that light. Their beauty was made up of terrible strength, utter wildness, and the grace of reason. For these were thinking creatures, with speech and ancient wisdom: in the patterns of their flight there was a fierce, willed concord.

Arren did not speak, but he thought: I do not care what comes after; I have seen the dragons on the wind of morning.” -Ursula K. LeGuin

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as you can see from this barely constructed roleplay blog that this is a lance from the life-consuming show that is voltron. so if you’re interested in roleplaying with ya homeboy just give this a LIKE / REBLOG ( preferred ) & i’ll fly over to check your blog out asap !

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The first few weeks in an empty home without Luke were hard in their own way; you’d seen him come and go from tour before and every time it took you a few days to adjust to only pulling out one mug every morning and only cooking enough dinner for one person every night, but those little habits quickly faded quickly along with heavy sighs.

It took a little longer to get used to half of your bed staying cold and being able to shuffle in your sleep without the dead weight of his lengthy arm thrown over your torso; for the cotton of his pillow to let go of the smell of his cologne and the remnants of his shampoo. That one was the hardest; when you couldn’t surround yourself with his smell anymore so you spent nights rummaging through his side of the closet to find something you hadn’t yet cleaned, the laundry detergent lasted three times as long when he was away with you reluctant to clean his essence from anything.

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