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of plain speeches and metaphors

In which Kise thought that sixty seconds was all he needed for the story

pairing: young adult!kise x young adult!reader

genre: fluff??? some angst?? how do you even classify this

words: 1150

note: another song fic lol this time inspired by 60 seconds by kim sunggyu aye aye hi it’s been a while guys i wrote this last night and yeah i think this doesn’t have a definite plot man even i am confused about this thing ahaha sad af

The first time Kise Ryouta saw you was during his day off. It was unexpected, really. He was just having a stroll around an empty street in the metro, looking for a café where he could kill some time before going back to reality, a.k.a. facing his busy schedule as a college student slash model slash athlete. He actually thought that things would go smoothly for that day. No media, no fangirls, no anything.

But then again, he saw you. His honey-gold irises met yours for a second or two.

And he fell.


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internet friends are so amazing because like they don’t know what you look like, they don’t know how you dress (unless you post pictures i guess idk) but they want to be friends with you because they think you’re a rad person and they actually like who you are and I think that’s really cool

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⇝✯「 O ƭ о γ α 」─    ❛ Otoya exited his workplace as he let out a satisfied sigh. His workplace consist of broadcasting in a radio station, and he was glad that he was able to get a job that is somehow related to music.

              So after he had exited he went towards the nearest fast food restaurant, ordering a cup of strawberry milkshake and walked out, crashing into somebody else instead.

          ❝ Ah–! I am so sorry! ❞ ❜