it was night on a dark empty highway.  i was holding in my hands a topic secret ayy lmao-pepe hybrid meme that priceofliberty had stolen from area 51.  pol was taken out by sy ops leaving me and tiffanarchy alone in knowing the truth about the secret government’s plan to build an alien pepe army.  but they had one of meme bro prisoner. we were forced to make the exchange the world’s most dangerous pepe for daddydommunismkills life.  i decided to make the trade having worked for the cia for years undercover.

little did i know i would betrayed. i saw the face of basedheisenberg. he turned his back on his bros. he opened fire killing me and taking back the pepe. he threw out daddydommunismkills body barely clinging on to life. tiffany screamed unable to stop the senseless killing. my last words to tiffany. TRUST NO ONE

i farted, shit myself, and died.